Jesus said, Go...! The Bible tells us to go out into the world and spread the love of Christ. We do that through local service projects and community involvement. Then, we reach out even further with relationships in the Philippines and in Costa Rica.


We believe that being a good neighbor and community member is the first step toward fulfilling Jesus' call to love one another. The City of Zeeland is our home and we loyally support it through local service projects and community involvement.


Zeeland Christian School and Grace Community Christian School may be half a world away from each other but we share the same love for and commitment to the Lord. We also share the same desire to teach the children who walk our halls about our great God in each and every aspect of our day. Our partnership has been a blessing as we learn from and encourage one another in this endeavor.

Costa Rica

Each year, students from the Holland/Zeeland area travel down to our sister school in Quepos, Costa Rica. El Puente Christian School in Costa Rica is a bilingual, Christian school.

Better Citizens

We teach our students from an early age to love and respect others. In the halls at Zeeland Christian, that might mean holding a door open for a fellow student or offering to take papers up to the office for one of the teachers. It also means going out into the world around us and serving those in need wherever we find them.