Inclusive Education

Inclusive Education

We are passionate about teaching children about the love of Jesus.  That means ALL children, including those who have unique gifts and needs.

This year, we have 54 students with moderate to severe physical, mental and/or emotional challenges. They are each assigned a general education teacher and classroom alongside our traditional students.  They are assisted by special education teachers as needed but spend most of the day with their class.  When they leave class, they work with a full staff of special educators and therapists.

These children are an incredibly important part of our school.  Not only do they benefit by being fully included in Zeeland Christian life, but they provide the rest of the students with an opportunity to practice living out their faith by caring for kids who are different from themselves.

If you have a child with special gifts and needs, we would love to tell you more about how he or she could fit into our community.

Stronger Together: Inclusive Education from Zeeland Christian School on Vimeo.

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