Extending the classroom into special areas of instruction.

At Zeeland Christian School, we offer several different "Specials" classes to our students.  These "Specials" classes are taught by teachers trained in the target areas.  These classes help round out a student's education to include areas like music, art, language, physical education and technology.  Students typically meet with their "Specials" classes on a weekly basis.

We believe that our "Specials" classes are much more than a nice diversion for our students.  They are integral to developing well-rounded, creative thinkers!

Family Groups

An integral part of building community at Zeeland Christian School is being part of a Family Group.  Students are all assigned a Family Group in First Grade.  They stay with their Family Group all the way through ZCS.  Each Family Group has 2-3 students from every grade level.  The older students are responsible for the younger students.  Together, they study the Bible, they work on service projects and sometimes, they just hang out and have fun!  The Zeeland Christian community is stronger because of these multi-age relationships and the mentoring that takes place within the Family Groups.