Our People

Our People

Maestra Marianne Raitz

First Grade Teacher


You can often find Maestra Marianne Raitz in First Grade.

My walk with Christ began when I was thirteen years old.  Someone invited me to a youth group meeting and that's where I invited Jesus into my heart.  It's been many years since that day, and many things have happened in my life too, but the one thing that has not changed is knowing that God loves me, He is with me every day, every minute, through the good and the bad, and He gives me everything that I need.  It is exciting to be a teacher in a Christian school, because that allows me to share my faith with my students and guide them as they too, learn to love the Lord and trust Him.  Everything that my students and I do in the classroom is related, in one way or the other, to God so that every day we can thank Him for what we've learned and what He's given us.  I am so blessed to share with my students and their families every day! - Marianne Cubero