Zeeland Christian Middle School uses a relational style of teaching to encourage 6th-8th graders to grow in their love for God, their love for each other, and their love of learning.

Welcome to Zeeland Christian Middle School!

At ZCS, we love middle school. To be specific, we love middle school students!

During the middle school years, students are in the midst of massive transition. In fact, it sometimes seems that everything about them is changing - their bodies, their brain, their emotions, their relationships, and even their faith. All of these changes ultimately help define who the student becomes and how he or she experiences God's world. It's a beautiful, quirky, fascinating process. It can also be confusing, emotional and frustrating.

A few common traits seen in middle schoolers:

  • Bigger, taller, louder
  • High risk-taking/seeking behavior
  • Peer interactions become extremely important
  • Desire for new experiences
  • Prefer active vs. passive learning
  • Hungry all the time
  • Need for extra sleep
  • Difficulty reading others facial expressions
  • Optimistic and hopeful
  • and they find themselves and their friends to be HILARIOUS!

The EXCELLENT news is that our ZCMS teachers recognize and celebrate the changes that cause some of these behaviors. They also try to find ways to work with the students' natural tendencies instead of against them. 

What We Value at ZCMS: God's WORLD!

Worship - Beginning in the morning with our daily devotions, sharing times, prayers, and continuing throughout the day with chapels and small group Bible stories, our praise and worship of God sets the tone for our daily school experiences.

Ownership - We teach our middle schoolers that they are responsible for their school and they have influence in what happens at school. They give input regarding school environment, discipline, activities, teacher expectations, school theme, etc. 

Relationship - Community is one of the highest values of ZCMS. Kids at this age are actively seeking peer approval and acceptance. So, we work hard to ensure that everyone is included and everyone is treated with respect. 

Discipleship - Discipleship is the active practice of loving God and loving others. It's service projects. It's being a good neighbor. It's putting faith into action. At ZCMS, we join our students in a lifelong pursuit of discipleship by going out into our community and serving.

Uniquely ZCMS

Uniquely ZCMS
  • Worship class
  • Small groups (led by 8th graders!)
  • Worship team
  • One-to-one laptops
  • 6th, 7th and 8th grade camps
  • Leadership Camp
  • iMath
  • Project rooms
  • Mikveh
  • Sports
  • Team teaching (across grade level)