ZCS Admin Team

ZCS Admin Team

Meet the teachers who lead and leaders who teach!

Several years ago, our principal pulled together several other staff members to meet with him on a regular basis. His goal was to develop a team of leaders that was always up to speed with what was happening throughout the school. They also provided the Board with valuable staff input and perspective.

Today, the Admin Team is still going strong. Each week during the school year, members of the Admin Team meet to talk about challenges and opportunities. They share stories of God at work. They talk about trends in education.  And, they provide a link for the rest of the staff to the administration.

The Admin Team:

John Buteyn, ZCMS Lead Teacher, Interim Principal
Ross Fischer, I.T. & Tech Integration
Vince Hutt, Safety & Transportation
Tracy Nelesen, Office Manager
Barb Newman, Director of Inclusive Education
Stephanie Parrott, Preschool Co-Director
Jodi Pierce, Language Immersion Coordinator
Nancy Pyle, Preschool Co-Director
Janelle Sievert, Assistant Principal, Curriculum Director
Sherri Tibbe, K-5 Lead Teacher
Julie Walters, School/Home Collaborative Lead Teacher