For any further questions please contact us at zcsinfo@zcs.org.

What is the typical school day schedule?


         Elementary Start: 8:40/8:45am  End: 3:20/3:25pm

         Middle Start: 7:35am  End: 2:25pm

         Threeschool Start: 8:45am/12:30pm  End: 11:30am/3:15pm

         Preschool Start: 8:45am/12:30pm  End: 11:30am/3:15pm


        K-2nd grade: 11:55am

        3rd-5th grade:  12:00pm

        Middle school M/W/F: 11:40am-12:10pm   T/TH:  11:15am-11:45pm

How does lunch work?

Lunch is eaten in students' classrooms -- either a packed lunch from home or hot lunch. Hot lunch is available through the Zeeland Public School system. Students indicate their hot lunch choice upon arrival to the classroom each morning.

Click HERE to access menus, pay hot lunch balances, and access forms to apply for Free/Reduced lunches*. If you do not have a hot lunch account, email foodservice@zps.org and they will assist in setting up your account. You will need your student’s ID number for the account set- up. If you do not know your student’s ID number, please contact the school office. 

*For the 2021-2022 school year, hot lunch is no charge for all students. In order for the lunch to qualify and be given for free, the state of Michigan requires children to have a complete meal. For lunch, there are five components offered to make up a complete meal: protein, bread, fruits, vegetables, and milk. Three of the five components are necessary (and one of them needs to be ½ cup of fruit or vegetables) on your child’s tray in order for it to qualify as a complete meal and be considered free under the National School Lunch Program.

Where do I drop off my student?

Drop-Off and Pickup Protocols for 2021-22

For the 2021-22 school year, we will again use the pickup and drop-off process we began last year. With 1,063 students at ZCS, we’ve found this to be a much safer way to get all students to and from class. Our teachers also noted a significant increase in instructional time with students arriving at school on time and parents not arriving at classrooms early for pickup. With only minimal exceptions, all students not riding the bus should be dropped off or picked up at their assigned door. If, occasionally, you need to enter the building at drop-off, please come through the main office to sign in. 



Preschool (Central Ave site)

  • Parking is available in the preschool parking lot or along Central Ave.
  • Parents/Guardians will park and walk their child to the outside door of their child’s classroom. This is also where pickup will occur at the end of class.

Elementary (Y5-5th)

  • Each family will be assigned a car line location for the year. These assignments are made by balancing classroom locations, sibling groups, and the number of students assigned to each door. You may see your family’s car line assignment HERE.
    1. Yellow - Door I (The preschool parking lot (WEST LOT) through to the Y5/K/2 recess door)
    2. Orange - Doors G and H (The back parking lot (SOUTH LOT) by the 1st and 4th grade classrooms)
    3. Blue - Door D (The middle school parking lot (EAST LOT) by the kitchen/gym entrance)
  • There is no drop-off allowed on Central Ave. (the front of the building) except for access to handicapped parking spaces and busses.
  • For the first week of school, parents may walk their Y5 and K students to their rooms. Parents should come in through their assigned door to help their child develop his/her morning routine.
  • We prefer parents/guardians drop off their children from 8:25-8:35a. If you need to drop off your child(ren) before 8:10am, they need to be signed up for extended care.
  • The playground will be supervised from 8:20-8:40am each morning. 

Middle School (6th-8th)

  • Middle school drop-off is at Doors D and E. 
  • Drop-off on Central Ave. is only allowed for students arriving after the start of the school day who need to sign in at the office. 



Preschool (Central Ave)

  • Parents/Guardians will park and pick up their child at the outside door of their child’s classroom.


  • All students going home by bus or car will be dismissed when the final bell rings (3:22pm). 
  • Students who are walking home will be dismissed after the busses leave. 
  • Parents/guardians will pick up their child/ren at their assigned car line door--the same door used for drop-off in the morning. 
  • We encourage all parents to use the car line to pick up their child(ren). However, parents/guardians may choose to park and walk to their assigned door to meet their child(ren). If you walk to meet your child, please bring the pickup pass with your name to help teachers identify which child(ren) you are picking up. No pick up is allowed on Central Ave.
  • Students may not leave the pickup site to walk to a parked car alone. Teachers must dismiss each child directly to a parent/guardian.
  • Every family will receive two color-coded pickup passes with a blank space to write their family’s last name. Parents/guardians will need to display their color-coded pickup passes on their dashboard. If you need more than two passes, you may pick up extras in the main office.
  • If two or more families carpool together, they may use one pickup door. Make sure each driver has pickup passes for each family. If the families in the carpool are not assigned to the same door, please connect with our office staff to get the appropriate color pickup pass for a newly assigned door.
  • Students in Y5/K will either be escorted to the pickup line where they will wait with a teacher for a parent/guardian to arrive OR they will be picked up in the classroom by an older sibling. Students in Y5/K will not be dismissed on their own.

Middle School

  • For middle school pickup, please line up or park in the middle school parking lot (EAST LOT) prior to dismissal and safely exit once you have picked up your child(ren).
  • Middle school students need to go home promptly at the end of the middle school day. Students should ride the bus or be picked up by 2:35pm.
  • Students who are not picked up by 2:40pm will go to Power Hour.

Extra Notes:

There is a bike rack in the front of the school for bikers. Elementary students should place their bikes in the rack in the front of the school. Middle school students may use the rack in the front of the school or behind the school.  

Students who walk home should leave out the front entrance, Door C. 

Please be aware of our neighbors and be conscious not to block their driveways with your vehicle during drop-off and pickup times. Please also extend grace to other parents and drivers in the pickup line as you wait and pick up your child/ren. This drop-off and pickup process is key in ensuring the safety of all students at the beginning and end of each school day. 

Can my child ride the bus?

Busing is provided for students who live in the Zeeland Public School system. Visit here for general bussing information. Every student needs to submit a new transportation form each year, so if you haven’t already for this school year, please access the form here and mail it directly to the Transportation office.

ZPS no longer sends postcards with bus route information. Parents can access their child’s bus number and stop time via the Transportation Tab in Infinite Campus.

How many sites does ZCS have?

  • Central Ave (Main Site)
  • Drenthe Preschool: Since 2005, we have had preschool classes at Drenthe CRC
  • Creation Ridge Preschool: held at RidgePoint Community Church

What do I do if my child is going to be absent?

Whenever your child will be absent or late to school please notify the school office by emailing attendance@zcs.org or leaving a message on the attendance line at 616-741-0051. When leaving a message please list your child’s name, grade, and teacher. Students who arrive late or need to leave early must sign in and out in the main office.

How do you keep your building secure?

During school hours all doors will be locked. To enter school you will need to enter through the main doors (Door C by the canopy) and be buzzed in to the office. There you will need to sign in through our visitor management system.

How can parents get involved at ZCS?

1. Classroom volunteers - Parent volunteers are a huge help for our teachers! Parents can be involved in reading with students, driving for field trips, etc.
2. Parents’ Club (more info here)
3. ZCS Events - Join us for concerts, chapels, Fun Night, 8th Grade Play, ZCS Auction, etc.

When are picture days?

September 27 - October 1  for Preschool - 8th grade.

A specific date for your child will be determined based on grade level and will be published as we get closer. Personalized envelopes for orders will go home with your child and must be returned by their assigned picture day.

  • You will also have online ordering abilities.
  • More details will be announced in the Blue Note as these dates get closer.

Is there a dress code?

We don't have a dress code besides being appropriate and modest. You can purchase school logo wear here.

How do you send updates?

The Blue Note is the weekly school newsletter sent by email on Wednesdays as our way of keeping you up to date on what is going on at ZCS. Please read this note each week to stay informed of upcoming events and details important to your student's experience.

Before the days of electronic sharing, this newsletter was printed on blue paper - hence it’s name! Fun fact: print versions are still printed on blue paper.

How do you handle food allergies?

We take allergies very seriously at ZCS and will work with you to put together a food plan. Each family is contacted before school starts to determine the best plan for their child. We do ask that families send their students with safe snacks for all children in classrooms where classmates have severe allergies.