Sustainable. Accessible.

The Zeeland Christian School Endowment Fund is designed in a unique and intentional way. Its vision is to allow anyone who wants a Christian education to be able to access one - especially those who need financial help the most.


The problem

Lack of Accessibility

Historically, wages increase around 2% every year while tuition increases 3%+ annually. It doesn't take long for this gap to widen significantly and make Christian education out of reach for many.

Additionally, there are underrepresented groups to whom Christian education is an unobtainable dream. For people of color, minority cultures, low socioeconomic status, single parents, and more, the price of tuition can be an unscaleable barrier.

The solution

Access and Thrive

The Zeeland Christian community places a high value on anyone who wants a Christian education for their family to be able to ACCESS and THRIVE at ZCS.

The ZCS Endowment funds the Endowment Grant which shrinks the wage gap that widens every year and is the primary funding for our THRIVE Scholarship Fund - which helps families from underrepresented groups access a Christian education.


The results

THRIVE: The First Ten Families

During the 2021-22 school year, ten families were able to give their children a Christian education at Zeeland Christian because of the THRIVE Scholarship Fund, which is primarily funded by the endowment. Three of these families are paying $100/mo. or less - and that's a sacrifice for them.

your gift

Quadruple Your Impact

A gift to the endowment fund TODAY has QUADRUPLE the impact.

  1. Increases the Endowment Grant for each student
  2. Provides assistance to those who need it most through the THRIVE Fund
  3. Families can GIVE BACK their Endowment Grant to fund THRIVE
  4. The interest from your gift will increase the endowment fund balance over time.


Thank you so much for this amazing blessing for my son and I. I praise the Lord for how great he is in our lives. I don't have words to express how grateful I am. Again, thank you so much for making our dreams come true.


Current ZCS Mom and Teacher
THRIVE Fund Scholarship Recipient

I believe it is important to support the endowment so ZCS can become more accessible to families desiring this experience. I want this unique educational opportunity to be available to as many families as possible. I love our ZCS community and want to invite others into it as I believe there is a great collective benefit to be realized!


Current ZCS Mom
Endowment Donor

Interested in learning more? We'd love to chat with you. 

If you have a passion for making Christian education accessible for anyone who desires it - we need to talk. Please email Peter Jenkins, Dir. of Advancement today.