Andrew Rush

Fourth Grade Teacher

Started at Zeeland Christian: 2019

Started in Christian Education: 2019


Elementary Education degree with a minor in Mathematics and Integrated Science.


What do you love about working at ZCS?

Working at ZCS allows me to spend my days with students and staff who push me to do my best. I feel so supported my the staff and parents and I truly look forward to seeing my kids each day. But most importantly, I love being able to teach at a school where Christ is at the center of what we do.

Why are you passionate about Christian education?

I have attended a Christian school during my entire education and am so thankful for that. Christian Education allows me to teach how God is a part of all subjects. While student teaching at a public school, there were many times that I wished to point out how cool God is. I love pointing out how cool God is through my teaching.

Tell us a little bit more about yourself.

I was born in Ohio, but have lived in Grandville, Michigan for most of my life. I have grown up attending Maranatha Bible and Missionary Conference in my summers. It was there where I accepted Jesus into my heart as a young boy. I also worked there for nine years in the children’s program. Thanks to Maranatha and also a missions trip to Guatemala, I decided that I wanted to teach. I value building relationships with my students in the classroom. I am engaged to marry my fiancée, Rebecca (CTRS & in graduate school for social work) on May 30, 2020. I love watching a playing sports with friends and my family. In my spare time I enjoy playing golf disc golf. I also cheer for The Ohio State University 🙂