Integration of Faith and Learning

Parents have chosen Zeeland Christian expectant for a high-quality Christian education. We are committed to leveling up our clarity of action, intentionality, and communication with parents on integrating faith and learning. Enlivening our commitment to integrating faith and learning reflects a reformed understanding of how God is always at work in all things.  

Financial Accessibility

A place where every family who desires a Christian education for their children is able to do so. A place where every child has the support they need.

Innovative Learning Environments


High-quality learning environments are accessible for all students. All classrooms are large enough for wheelchair accessibility, filled with flexible seating and active learning stations. Teachers have high-quality resources and technology for both indoor and outdoor learning experiences. Staff are equipped with the skills and resources needed to provide a “wow” experience for parents, donors, grandparents, students, and community members.


Equipping Teachers and Staff

Provide teachers and staff the necessary resources, accountability, professional development, growth opportunities, leadership development, and input. Provide a thriving environment that attracts and retains high-quality teachers and staff. Every staff member knows why their role is vital to fulfilling the school's mission and living out the vision for who a ZCS graduate will be.

Interested in Learning More About ZCS?

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