Zeeland Christian School Global is a Christ-centered online school infused with the vibrant culture of Zeeland Christian.

Watch the ZCS Global Zoom Information meeting held on July 27.

View a pdf of the presentation here.

What should I expect from ZCS Global?

  • Distinctively Christian
  • Intentionally Relational (not static content)
  • Teacher creativity and Christian perspective will be evident in all of the curriculum
  • NOT homeschool - School at home (or anywhere)
    Will require parent support (the younger the more support)
  • Kids will get a ZCS experience (chapels, meet-ups, etc.) with a full-time teacher
    • Daily devotions
    • Bible course (aligned with CSI)
    • Live lessons
    • Weekly mentor meetings
    • Teacher Available during the school days when not meeting “live”

What will the schedule look like?


What is the commitment expectation and timeline for enrolling?

Commitment Level

18-week(1/2 year) commitment minimum (1 year is ideal)

Commit by Wednesday, August 5

Start date - September 8


7/27/20 - Information meeting 
8/5/20 - Family commitments due
9/1/20 - Student orientation week
9/8/20 - First day of learning for ZCS Global


What will it cost?

The tuition structure for ZCS Global is below.

If you have any questions, please contact ZCS Enrollment Coordinator, Nakisha DeJong at ndejong@zcs.org.


As with all of our programs, if you want you a Christian education for your child we will do everything we can to help make that happen. If you can not afford the cost of tuition, there is financial assistance available. Please contact Nakisha at ndejong@zcs.org for more information. 


Will the ZCS Global format/system be the same as what face-to-face students would use if there was a return to Phase 1-3 where distance learning is a requirement? If the rest of the school has to move to a distance learning model, will they join up with the students who have been distance learning since fall or will that be a separate program?

If on-campus students were to return to distance learning they would not be following the ZCS Global structure. They would maintain contact with their on-campus teacher and classmates during that time.


If we choose to do our school district’s virtual option or our own homeschool curriculum and it does not work out, is there the opportunity to join ZCS Global later in the school year?

At ZCS we do allow enrollments to happen once the school year has begun so would address this on a case-by-case basis.


How much screen time would a 5th & 3rd grader have? Also, are students to be required to be at their computers (live sessions) at specific times of specific days? How long will the instructional day be? Is it flexible with days/times?

Screen time will vary depending on the age of a child and the speed at which they completed their work. Live sessions will be scheduled several days a week (see sample schedule at https://www.zcs.org/global/) and participation will be expected at these times. Independent work time will be more flexible but still expected to be completed daily.


What would peer interaction look like from a distance learning model? 

Students would be engaged in full class live sessions as well as small group sessions throughout the year. Additional connections would be encouraged via online portals as well.


Are there optional opportunities to gather for clubs, sports, etc.?

Students in the Zeeland area are also allowed to participate in extracurricular activities through ZCS as well.


What kind of extracurricular support is there for students outside of the Zeeland area? Are their connections to other school districts?  

We do not have a plan in place currently for extracurricular activities outside of the Zeeland area. If a pocket of families from a distant area joined the program, we would encourage and lend support in finding extracurricular options.


What is the cost? How does the cost of this option compare to the cost of the in-person ZCS experience?

The cost for ZCS Global is the same as attendance at the ZCS on-campus classes. This allows families to have access to our robust Tuition Assistance program if necessary as well as take advantage of our sliding tuition scale, which allows families with multiple children to pay a lower percentage of tuition.


Is there a refund if the program does not work for our family after the first semester?

Should a family decide that they are unable to continue with ZCS global and do not want to transition to on-campus learning, tuition will not be charged after the first semester.


If we choose ZCS Global and things improve from a public health standpoint, are students able to transition into the classroom, and if so, what does that transition look like?

At this time we are asking for families to make a commitment to the ZCS Global program for at least a full semester to allow for continuity and staffing stability. If a family is interested in transitioning to on-campus attendance the option would be available at the semester break (mid-January).


Will there be a Spanish immersion option for online learning? If we are wanting our kids to be back in the classroom (we are in Spanish) for the year 21/22 would we be able to seamlessly transfer back to the classroom? 

At this time ZCS Global is only offered in English, however, should there be enough interest in Spanish Immersion that would be taken into consideration when hiring staff. Even with an English teacher, resources would be provided to help facilitate the maintenance of the Spanish Language in the event a family would like to transition back to on-campus learning in the Immersion program.


Who will be the teachers assigned to the Global ZCS classes? Regular ZCS teachers? How many teachers will be leading the online learning?  Will there be one teacher per grade level, or is this going to be a multi-age experience where one teacher monitors a plethora of grade levels? 

ZCS will be hiring a teacher(s) specifically for the ZCS Global program at a ratio of approximately 15 students to 1 teacher. These classes will likely be multi-grade experiences. There would be a ZCS teacher dedicated to this program and available to students during the school day.


Has there been talk of parent cohorts/family pods? I would definitely consider volunteering to have a couple kids at my house for the school day to provide relief for other working parents.

ZCS will not be coordinating these efforts.  Parents can consider this option based on their unique situations.  Once we have enrollment firmed up, we will share the list of students and families in the program for ease of coordination.


Is ZCS Global based off of or connected to Michigan Virtual? Did ZCS bring in online learning experts to help develop their online learning?

ZCS Global is not connected to Michigan Virtual.  We are partnering with IES (Innovative Educational Solutions) as an expert in virtual learning as well as the expertise of our Middle School Principal Chuck Commeret.