Jenna Vanderlaan

1st Grade Teacher - Traditional English

Started at Zeeland Christian: 2020

Started in Christian Education: 2020


BA in K-12 Special Education and K-8 Comprehensive Education - Hope College.

What do you love about Zeeland Christian?

Working at ZCS allows me to share my passion for Christ with His children daily and be surrounded by colleagues who constantly support and encourage me. I love working at ZCS because this inclusive, family-like community challenges me to grow and learn, right alongside my students, to be a better Christ-follower and Kingdom builder!

Why are you passionate about Christian education?

Christian Education was the firm foundation I was able to build my faith on and it is my privilege to guide students in building their own. It showed me that everything is tied back to our Father, the Creator. Connecting all learning - whether it's academic, social, or spiritual - to the One who created it all is the best way to honor and glorify Him!

What do you want others to know about you?

I was adopted from South Korea as a baby and grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I attended an elementary school very similar to Zeeland Christian before going to South Christian High School and eventually, Hope College. Throughout my life, a few constants have been faith, family, and sports. My parents modeled a strong relationship with Christ for my brother and I, which I am very thankful for. Growing up, I was involved in almost every sport possible but narrowed it down to soccer and volleyball. Some of my favorite memories at Hope are from playing on the Women's Volleyball team, participating in Dance Marathon, and leading a Bible study through Athletes in Action. God has been ever-present in my story thus far and I am trusting Him to continue to write my story here at ZCS.