John Buteyn

John Buteyn "Mr. B"

Position: Assistant Principal/6th-Grade Teacher

Years at Zeeland Christian: 28

Years in Christian Education: 39


B.A. - Calvin College

M.S. Curriculum and Instruction - Univ. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

What do you love about Zeeland Christian?

"I love the challenge that we have been given to try new methods and to think creatively. The fact that we put kids first in our plans and decisions is important to me. The sense of common purpose in partnering with our students' parents has been a blessing in teaching and working at ZCS."

Why are you passionate about Christian Education?

"I have found that Christian Education plays an important role in the faith development of kids. I can provide an environment where the tough questions can be asked and discussed, but not necessarily answered in simplistic ways. Christian education allows kids to hear faith fill every area of their life, including their education."

One life lesson your students have taught you:

"While working with middle school students, I have learned the importance of creating meaningful relationships. These relationships set the groundwork for everything else that you do."

What do you want others to know about you? 

"I am first of all a husband, father, and grandfather. Those roles are of prime importance to me. I now love spending times with my grandkids and their parents. My family and I have enjoyed traveling and experiencing different cultures and ways of life. My wife and I continue that now. Because my wife and sons are also involved in education, there is a common bond that we have. We have a hard time understanding that other people have a rhythm to their lives that doesn't revolve around a school calendar."