Kathie Dieleman

Kathie Dieleman

Threeschool Teacher

Started at Zeeland Christian: 1998

Started in Christian Education: 1997


Bachelor degree in elementary education

What do you love about Zeeland Christian?

I love that I feel the holy spirit walking through our halls and in our classrooms. I love that God comes first at ZCS and that we seek to glorify Him in all that we do.

Why are you passionate about Christian Education?

I love that I can openly share with my students about Jesus. I also love how you can see God in all subject areas and I get to make that connection with my students.

What do you want others to know about you?

I have been married for 27 years to my husband Paul. I have 3 children; Allison, Evan, and Adam. My daughter will be getting married this fall. I enjoy spending my summers at Sandy Pines. I enjoy biking, walking, reading, boating, going to the beach, and spending time with my friends. I have seen God's faithfulness and His hand in all of my life in the good times and the hard times. I strive to give Him glory in all that I do. I am so blessed.

One life lesson your students have taught you:

To enjoy life and each moment and not stress over the little things.