Kristi Van Dyk

Third through Fifth Grade Social Studies and ESS Teacher

Started at Zeeland Christian: 2017

Started in Christian Education: 2004


MA in Administration - Western Michigan University.

I have a professional certificate from the Midwest Brain and Learning Institute focusing on brain based teaching. I spent 4 years working with add.a.lingua as they grew their base of schools prior to coming back to the classroom, and ZCS specifically.

What do you love about working at ZCS?

ZCS, more than any school I have encountered, strives to live out its mission. Teachers love God first, their students as people, second, and then prioritize learning. I think that environment sets kids up to succeed. Having deep faith roots, and then a supportive classroom environment, makes powerful, transformative learning possible.

Why are you passionate about Christian Education?

As stated above, I think Christian Education is the foundation that makes the deepest, most life altering learning possible. Most learning should to be contextualized, placing learning in the framework of a faith that guides behavior makes it the most powerful learning we can do.

Tell us a little bit more about yourself

I have four children who are all in MI here at ZCS. Our experience has been so incredible in opening us up to a culture, a people group, and a language that we would have never considered before. As a family, we LOVE hiking, going on spontaneous trips and adventures, and spending time playing games together. All of us enjoy a good book - my favorite genres are fantasy and realistic fiction.