Kristin Baron

Kristin Baron

Music Teacher (Middle School Choir, K-1 Music)

Years at Zeeland Christian: 1

Years in Education: 1


Vocal Music Education degree from Hope College, with an emphasis in organ/keyboard studies.

What do you love about Zeeland Christian?

I love the welcoming environment and the emphasis on growth and innovation. It already feels like a community, and that we are all working together in our areas of passion to achieve similar goals.


Why are you passionate about Christian Education?

I am passionate about Christian Education because it provides the unique opportunity to combine our personal faith stories with our areas of expertise. For me, music is the way that I connect most deeply with God, and that is something that I get to share and develop individually with students.

What would you like others to know about you?

I am a Holland native, attended Holland Christian K-12, and had the opportunity to graduate from Hope College with a music degree. My parents, Lauren and Michele, have been amazing role models through their vocations of social work and nursing in the Holland area. My younger brother, Mitchell, is a junior at Hope this fall, studying business and political science. Other than music, my hobbies include reading, cooking, traveling, running/being active, and spending time at the beach in all seasons. God has provided significant music mentors for me throughout my entire life, starting back in second grade with my first piano lessons. My hope is that He can use the gifts that He has given me to impact the future generations, not only as musicians but also as human beings.

What is a life lesson you have learned from your students?

Don't pretend that you have it all figured out -- we are all learning, growing, and doing life together. Be genuine. Laugh together.