Lindsey Slenk

Spanish Teacher - FLES

Zeeland Christian Class of 1999

Started at Zeeland Christian: 2008

Started in Christian Education: 2008


BA in Spanish and History for Secondary Education - Grand Valley State University

What do you love about Zeeland Christian?

I love the Christ centered community of Zeeland Christian. I love the families, the staff, and most of all the kids!

Why are you passionate about Christian Education?

Growing up in Christian education, many teachers had a strong positive influence in my life. These teachers taught me so much more than their content area: they showed me the love of Jesus and they taught me what it meant to be a fearless follower. Knowing that my teachers loved me and believed in me changed my life and inspired me to become a teacher. Teaching is my way of giving back and helping students just like I was helped. I love seeing students learn, and I love it when relationships are formed. As a parent, I LOVE that I get to partner with ZCS to teach my 3 kids more about God, His world, and His people. Everything my kids are taught comes from a Biblical worldview, and I hope that they learn and experience the love of Christ. I feel very blessed that they are So well loved by teachers who truly care for them and pray for them. I couldn't think of a better place for my kids to attend school!

What do you want others to know about you?

(See above!) My mission is to encourage and cultivate Christ centered community. I love Teaching, Spending time with my family, Spending time with friends, Spanish, History, Sports, Working Out, Singing, Mission Work, Church, and of course KIDS!