Our Beliefs


We believe the Bible is the infallible Word of God.

We believe that God directs our paths in everything we do – including the instruction of our children.

We believe that EVERYTHING we do must be done for the honor and glory of God.

We believe that sin corrupts our world, our institutions and even our children.

We believe that through Jesus Christ, sin has no power over those who call on Him.

We believe in the power of prayer.

We believe that God has called the staff of Zeeland Christian School to educate His children and teach them a life of obedience to God and direct them toward a deeper relationship with Him.

We believe that God gave parents the responsibility for educating their child and it is their task to choose the best educational experience for their child.

We believe that every single child is a blessing from God and it is our privilege to work with children all kinds of abilities, gifts and needs.

We believe that every family at Zeeland Christian School is an important part of our community and has a direct impact on our ability to prepare the children of the community for a life of service in God’s kingdom.

We believe the Christian community has a responsibility to pray for our Christian schools, to work for them and to give generously to their support.

We believe that God has an intentional plan for every student at Zeeland Christian School and it is our job to prepare them for it by providing excellent academic instruction and wide-ranging educational experiences.