Mr. Paul Keyser

Eighth Grade Teacher

Started at ZCS: 2018

Started in Christian Education: 2018


BA in Elementary Education - Alma College
Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction - University of Colorado at Denver

What do you love about working at Zeeland Christian?

I love the fact that after teaching 37 years in the public school, I can talk openly about my faith! That doesn't mean I never did in the public school, because I did! I just had to be careful how the conversations got started!

Why are you passionate about Christian Education? 

I want to instill in the students my love for Christ and have it be an obvious part of my personality. I hope to encourage them to be that brazen about their faith in public settings, to be that light on a hill for all to see.

Tell us a little bit more about yourself.

My wife and I both grew up always believing there was a God, but salvation was never mentioned in the Presbyterian church I attended, or the Catholic church that Kathy attended. Before having kids, we knew that we wanted them to grow up in a church where they would know the Lord, neither of our backgrounds had the answer in their church so we gave a student's church a try where her dad was the pastor. We both accepted Christ about the same time, and both our kids eventually accepted Christ. When our daughter was 8, we were all baptized by immersion. Both our kids have married strong Christians, which was something we had always prayed for. We have one grandson by my son, and they are expecting a second this June. Our daughter is still sort of a newlywed, so no kids yet.

I am somewhat of an exercise fanatic (Kathy would say I'm obsessed), and I love to read, fly fish, and play golf with my family!