For any further questions please contact us at zcsinfo@zcs.org.

What is the typical school day schedule?

ZCS School Times for 2019-20


         Elementary:   Start:  8:40/8:45 End: 3:20/3:25

         Middle: Start: 7:35 End: 2:56

         3school: Start:  9:00 End: 11:45

         Preschool: Start:  8:45/12:30 End: 11:30/3:15


        K-2 11:55

        3-5  12:00

        MS M/W/F  11:40-12:10   T/TH  11:15-11:45

How does lunch work?

Lunch is eaten in students' classrooms - either packed lunch from home or purchasing hot lunch. Hot lunch is available through the Zeeland Public School system - students indicate their hot lunch choice upon arrival to the classroom each morning. Hot Lunch accounts are managed directly with ZPS. Parents may set up an online account or pay via check using a ‘Hot Lunch Envelope’ found in the school office. Parents should contact foodservice@zps.org to set up an online account.

Where do I drop off my student?

Please use the designated drop off lanes or park in a designated lot/street spot and walk your child in.

  • The lot on the west side/preschool door is for use by preschool families only.
  • K-5th drop off on southside of Central by door “C” or the east parking lot by entrance “D”.
  • 6th-8th drop-off in from of ZCMS entrance door ‘E”.

You do not need to pick your Kindergarten and older child up from the classroom after school, but children are not dismissed (or allowed to leave with a sibling) from their classroom to meet you at a designated place until all the buses have left.

ZCS Drop-Off/Pick-Up Map

Can my child ride the bus?

Busing is provided for students in the Zeeland Public School system. Every student submits a new transportation form each spring. Contact the ZPS transportation office to make arrangements if your child is going to be using the bus. 

How many sites does ZCS have?

  • Central Ave (Main Site)
  • Drenthe Preschool: Since 2005, we have had preschool classes at Drenthe CRC.
  • Creation Ridge Preschool: held at RidgePoint Community Church new in fall 2020.

What do I do if my child is going to be absent?

Whenever your child will be absent or late to school please notify the school office by emailing attendance@zcs.org  or leaving a message on the attendance line 616-741-0051. When leaving a message please list your child’s name, grade, and teacher. Students who arrive late or need to leave early must sign in and out in the main office, listing the date, name, time in/out, and reason for leaving or arriving.

How do you keep your building secure?

During school hours all doors will be locked. To enter school you will need to enter through the main doors (Door C by the canopy) and be buzzed in to the office. There you will need to sign in through our visitor management system.

How can parents get involved at ZCS?

1. Classroom volunteers - Parent volunteers are a huge help for our teachers! Parents can
be involved in reading with students, driving for field trips, etc.
2. Parents’ Club (more info here)
3. ZCS Events - Join us for concerts, chapels, Fun Night, 8th Grade Play, ZCS Auction, etc.

When are picture days?

Picture Days for 2019-2020 are scheduled for October 1-3 and 5 for Preschool - 8th grade.

  • A specific date for your child will be determined based on grade level and will be published as we get closer.
  • Envelopes for ordering will go home with your child.
  • You will also have online ordering abilities.
  • More details are announced in Blue Notes.

Is there a dress code?

We don't have a dress code besides being appropriate and modest. You can purchase school logo wear here.

How do you send updates?

Blue Note is the weekly school newsletter which is sent by email on Wednesdays as our way of keeping you up to date on what is going on at ZCS.

Before the days of electronic sharing, this newsletter was printed on blue paper - hence it’s name! Fun fact: print versions are still printed on blue paper.

How do you handle food allergies?

We take allergies very seriously at ZCS and will work with you to put together a food
plan. Each family is contacted before school starts to determine the best plan for that
child. However, we do recommend providing “safe snacks” for children with severe allergies.