2019 Teacher & Staff Wish List

 Thank you in advance for supporting our teachers this way!

We asked them to dream big and small.

(Listed alphabetically by last name)


All School: $1000  110 new sleds for the sledding hill.

All School: $990 Upgrade to sign in system (drivers license reader)

Support Services Grades 1-5:

Read Aloud Bible Stories by Ella K Lindvall (5 volumes) $55.

Fluorescent light filter covers $35 (6 packs).

Weighted blanket for kids $45.

24 piece puzzles $15. 

Visual Timers (3in and 8 in) $30.

Non-fiction books to supplement science and social studies (any amount).

Math Curriculum Workbooks $250

Child's trampoline with handle (x2) $100/each

Cindy Arendsen (1st grade): $18 each wiggle seats.  Chair Balls $18 each. Classroom Keeper $35

Leigh Ann Arnold (Kindergarten): $200 Flexible Seating.  $100 Magnatiles. $30 sit spots. $50 whiteboards.  Resources from Teachers pay Teachers, any amount.

Mary Bronsink (Kindergarten): $40 Clipboards. $100 Magnatiles. $50 Whiteboards. $100 Flexible Seating

Chuck Commeret (Middle School): $200-500 2 Ping Pong Tables, $200 1 Foosball Tables $200 1 Foosball Table

Rachel Damstra & Jen Leenstra (3rd grade): Folding Floor Chairs for flexible seating. $30 each. Requesting up to 8. * 3 purchased!*

Angelica Delgado (4th grade): $350 Dry-Erase Round Activity Table. $57 Classroom Carpet. $50 2 Balance Balls/Flexible Desk Seating. $100 2 Floor Chairs with adjustable back support.

Mary DeMay (Speech Therapy) $50 Gift Card to Teachers Pay Teachers. $50 for 1 Literacy Kit for Non-Verbal Special Needs students - this will include augmentative or alternative communication tools in addition to books and activities. $50 for Literacy Kit for Non-Verbal Special Needs students - this will include augmentative or alternative communication tools in addition to books and activities

Hilda Duran (2nd grade): $90 Post-it Super Sticky Easel Pad. Mobile whiteboard Standing Dry Erase Board 40x28 $126. Erase Magnetic Notebook Paper $ 28. Math Balance Scale $ 32.

Joecy Fan (Mandarin FLES): $15 Magnetic Clips

Ross Fischer (Tech): 3D Printer Filaments $50 each *many needed*. $200-400 Crowd mics for live streaming. Confidence Monitor Stand for Chapel $100. Floor mats for protecting cabling during chapel $50-80 each.

Priscilla Fuentes (4th grade): 6 large stability balls $200. 4 bar height stools $200. Magnetic Class timer $50, 2 adjustable tall desks $300.

Matilde Gonzalez (1st and 3rd):  Cozy Reading Zone $350.  (2) Carpeta Estrategias para la lectura.(12 folders in 1 package) $35 each.

Lynn Grothuis: Art Supplies $75

Ashley Hernandez (6th grade): $75 for Biblical maps, charts, and timelines, (2) Action Bible guess-it Game $10 each. (2) The World Game $25 each.

Xinyi Hou (Kindergarten): $450 Classroom Rug for Mandarin Kindergarten

Bryce Huffman (Facilities): $1000 Entry Rugs for Kindergarten door.

Melissa Izenbaard (Kindergarten): $45 Nativity Set for purposeful play. $20 Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Certificate.

Tom Joustra (4th grade): $510 Cost of T-shirts for Destination Imagination Teams, (6) Destination Imagination Team Sponsorships $75 each. 2 teams are sponsored!

Maria Klompmaker (Support Services): $35 Prime Climb math game

Wendy Kragt (Art): $125 Drying Rack for Art Projects

Jen Leenstra (3rd Grade): 400 Piece Keva Set. $90 (or any amount) STEM Play and curriculum connections.

Zuri Lepper (6th grade): 1 yr. subscription to scholastic magazines (language arts), $510 Scholastic Scopes for each student. $5.99 per student.

Elizabeth Malone (5th grade): Folders (.50 each).  Pencils ($2 each). $5-100 Scholastic Book gift card. Pencil Sharpener $20.

Music Department: Keyboard for Music/Choir Department - $4000

Joel Nagelkirk (6th grade): (4) Hokki Wobble Stools. $125 each. Math Hands-On Materials $100.  Tower Garden (Aeroponic growing system for science class) $1000. Classroom Cool Mist Humidifier $50

Barb Newman (Support Services) $25-300 Lending Library books and resources for parents and staff on topics related to varied abilities. $25-150 Fidget basket items for student use.

Julie Postmus (Support Services-Counselor): $26 Constructive Playthings Wooden Community Helpers, Set of 25 Pieces for Block Play. In My Heart: A Book of Feelings, $9. The Color Monster: A Story About Emotions, $11. B is for Breathe: The ABCs of Coping with Fussy and Frustrating Feelings, $17. Varied Amounts: dollhouse furniture, legos any books about feelings.

Marianne Raitz (1st grade): $335 Alphabet Rug. $66 Magnetic Letters. (2) Privacy Shields $38 each. $13 Word Pocket Chart.

Jackie Roskamp (8th grade): $200 audiobooks. $200 Reading books for the classroom.

Yajaira Ruiz (1st Grade): Libritos de sÍlabas compuestas (Spanish Advanced Syllable Flip Books) / Really good stuff / $37. Libros Arco 52 stories / Concordia Publishing House / $156. CiclÓn de conjugaciÓn (Spanish Conjugation Game Boards) / really good stuff/ $22. Cubos de inferencia (Spanish Inference Cubes)/ really good stuff/ $32.

Andrew Rush (4th grade): $130 110 Piece Magna Tile Set, Games: Guess Who, Jenga, Connect 4, Uno. $10 each.

Becky Schrotenboer (3rd Grade): (4) Student Swivel Desk Chairs $60 each. (2) Student Standing Desks $177 each. Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card $30.

Emily Sloterbeek (3rd grade): $100 for Math Games. (2) Sensory Seating $75 each

Sherrie Stuursma: $75 Classroom items 

Morgan Swartz (2nd grade): $200 (or any amount) for Hardcover Children's books. $250 (or any amount) towards flexible seating. $300 Classroom Rug. $150 (or any amount) Strategy Games & Center Activities.  $40 Pencil Sharpener.

Melanie Vander Ploeg (2nd grade): $18 Proof! The Fast Paced Game of Mental Math Magic. $24 Count It Up! Money Rods. $37 Counting Money Puzzles. $13 Clumsy Thief math game. $9 each Set Card Game (3 sets). $15 Hiss Card Game

Audreyanna Williams (8th grade): $5 and $10 gift cards for speakers, Jesus te llama (Spanish Devotional) $10

Julie Walters/Kelli Boerkoel (SHC): $10-50 Teachers Pay Teachers gift card. (2) Flexible Seating Classroom soft rockers $135 ea.

Baolian Xie (1st grade): $27 SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop. $80 Bean Bag Chair. MindWare KEVA Contraptions: 400 Plank Building Set $90. Flagship Carpets All Kinds of Shapes Muted Rug $265 (This is the most important item for us)

Carla Zastrow  (7th grade): $200 for Audio Books. $130 for Hokki/Wobble Stool

Danchao Zhang (2nd/3rd Mandarin): Meijer Gift Card (Any amount for classroom needs )






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