Teacher & Staff Wish List

 Thank you in advance for supporting our teachers this way!

We asked them to dream big and small.

(Listed alphabetically by last name)


All School: Electronic Check In System $3710   *** FULFILLED ***

All School: 80 new sleds $540  ***FULFILLED***

ZCS Sports: NEW 7th Boys Basketball Uniforms  $600

ZCS Sports: NEW 7th and 8th Soccer Uniforms $750

Janey Berends: Bean Bags $22  ***FULFILLED***

Janey Berends: "Yo Tengo, Quién Tiene? - Spanish Math Game Bundle"  $9  ***FULFILLED***

Janey Berends: Learning Advantage 8837 Pattern Block Activity Cards  $8 + Learning Resources Plastic Pattern Blocks (Set of 250) $15.99  ***FULFILLED***

Mary Bronsink: Book Bags $200***FULFILLED***

Mary Bronsink: Flexible Seating $60 ***FULFILLED***

Stacy Deters: Large Floor Puzzles ($13 each. 8 requested) $104 ***FULFILLED***

Stacy Deters: Large Cork Board $56  ***FULFILLED***

Stacy Deters: Magnetic tub of letters $40 ***FULFILLED***

Stacy Deters: Hokki Stools $300  ***FULFILLED***

Stacy Deters: Math Manipulatives $60   ***FULFILLED***

Angelica Delgado: Whiteboards $34

Angelica Delgado: Mail center classroom $167.00

Lauren Donkersloot: Monopoly Deal Game $5

Lauren Donkersloot: Set (game) $25.00  *** FULFILLED ***

Lauren Donkersloot: Quirkle (game) $25.00  *** FULFILLED ***

Lauren Donkersloot: Bananagrams $10.00 *** FULFILLED ***

Lauren Donkerstloot - Math For Love Tiny Polka Dot *** FULFILLED ***
Lauren Donkerslott - Which One Doesn't Belong? Game *** FULFILLED ***

Lauren Donkersloot: Scrabble $14.00

Hilda Duràn: Medium 9x12 Carpet $182 ***FULFILLED***

Hilda Duràn: Number Balance Scale $31

Hilda Duràn: Spanish books - $100

Ross Fischer: Plastic Filament for 3D Printer $50 per roll

Ross Fischer: Micro bit 10 pack.  $160

Ross Fischer: Makey Makey (qty 10 $50 ea) $500  *** FULFILLED ***

Priscilla Fuentes: 2 dozen black, blue, and teal book bins $24  ***FULFILLED***

Priscilla Fuentes: 4 bar stools $117

Marcia Geurink: MindWare BrainBox Game: All Around the World $24 ***FULFILLED***

Marcia Geurink: BrainBox game - World History Card Game $23 

Marcia Geurink: BrainBox game: US Presidents $23 

Marcia Geurink: BrainBox game - The USA Card Game $23

Lynn Grothuis: Kiln for art program $2000  ***FULFILLED***

Ashley Hernandez: Audio Books $200

Ashley Hernandez: $50 Spanish boardgames ***FULFILLED***

Bryce Huffman: Entry rug for Door G $720

Melissa Izenbaard: Children's Devotional in Spanish $20 ***FULFILLED***

Melissa Izenbaard: Flexible Seating $150-$200

Melissa Izenbaard: Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card $50

Tom Joustra: Destination Imagination Team Registration $660

Tom Joustra: Destination Imagination Team T-Shirts  $400

Paul Keyser: 8 Bit coding Ozobots $59.99 each

Maria Klompmaker: Resource Room set of Fidgets $20  ***FULFILLED***

Maria Klompmaker: Geometric Solids $19

Maria Klompmaker: Teacher Pay Teacher Resources $100

Maria Klompmaker: Set Card Game $13 *** FULFILLED ***

Maria Klompmaker: Fraction Activity Towers $20

Jen Leenstra: Lego Classic 10717 $67 ***FULFILLED***

Jen Leenstra: Any extra Legos from ZCS homes

Jeff Minkus: Any qty of $25 West Coast Cash Gift Certificates. Used as "thank you" gifts for guest speakers

Joel Nagelkirk: STEM Learning Supplies $200

Joel Nagelkirk: Lego Classic Set 10698 $50 *** FULFILLED ***

Joel Nagelkirk: Any extra Legos from ZCS homes

Nancy Pyle: (6 sets) Magnatiles for Preschool classrooms $130 per set

Nancy Pyle: (6) Light Tables for Preschool classrooms $450 each

Marianne Raitz: Carpet for storytime

Marianne Raitz: (5) Wobble Chairs $80 Each *** FULFILLED ***

Marianne Raitz: 1 Flex space rectangular floor table $250 ***FULFILLED***

Maestra Ruiz: Rug $186 ***FULFILLED***

Maestra Ruiz: Magnetic Letters ***FULFILLED***

Maestra Ruiz: Active Kids Chairs $55

Maestra Ruiz: Flannel Board for Bible

Jackie Roskamp: Audio Books $200

Jackie Roskamp: Paper Books $300

Becky Schrotenboer: 2 rolls of Whiteboard Adhesive Paper $30   ***FULFILLED***

Becky Schrotenboer: Math games $70.00  ***FULFILLED***

Becky Schrotenboer: Mobile Teacher Standing Desk Workstation $575.00 ***FULFILLED***

Emily Sloterbeek: Organizer for Math Class Materials $100

Emily Sloterbeek: Math Books and Games $50

Sherrie Stuursma: Early Childhood Support Services Language Curriculum $500

Sherrie Stuursma: Early Childhood Support Services Time Timers $200

Sherrie Stuursma: Speech Materials $500

Sherrie Stuursma: Fine Motor Materials  $250

Sherrie Stuursma: Sensory and Weighted Items $750

Sherrie Stuursma: Early Childhood Support Services clothing $150

Sherrie Stuursma: Adapted snow sleds  $500

Sherrie Stuursma: Parent/Staff resource books  $200

Sherrie Stuursma: Adapted Classroom furniture  $250

Morgan Swartz: Wobble Chairs $84 each

Morgan Swartz: Hardcover Children's Books $20 each

Morgan Swartz: Floor Folding Chairs $32 each

Morgan Swartz: Stability Discs $20 each

Julie Walters: 2 Way Camera $50  ***FULFILLED***

Julie Walters: Math Resources for K-5 $75 ***FULFILLED***

Julie Walters: Literacy Resources for K-5 $75 ***FULFILLED***

Kim Walters: Jumbo Uppercase Alphabet Stamps $14.99

Brittany VanByssum:  Pattern blocks - $16 ***FULFILLED***

Brittany VanByssum: Support Services Social Studies Leveled Curriculum  $140

Brittany VanByssum:  Leveled books  $17

Brittany VanByssum: Leveled books  $39

Brittany VanByssum: Math Dice  $10  ***FULFILLED***

Brittany VanByssum: Gel packs -2 pack - Sensory tool  $26 ***FULFILLED***

Brittany VanByssum: Support Services Science Leveled Curriculum  $140 ***FULFILLED***

Brittany VanByssum: News 2 you subscription $187

Brittany VanByssum: Support Services Science Leveled Books $13 ***FULFILLED***

Brittany VanByssum: Support Services Leveled Books $10

Brittany VanByssum: Fidgets  $5  ***FULFILLED***

Brittany VanByssum: Discovery Disc - Sensory  $29 ***FULFILLED***

Audreyanna Williams: El Amor Hace (Love Does by Bob Goff in Spanish) $12

Audreyanna Williams: Jesús te llama (Jesus Calling in Spanish) $11

Carla Zastrow: Audio Books $200

Danchao Zhang: Adhesive Magnets $8

Danchao Zhang: Magnetic Hooks $10

Danchao Zhang: (2) Sitting Balls $40 *Good quality used donations are welcome as well*

Danchao Zhang: (2) Padded Reception Chairs $19 *Good quality used donations are welcome as well*

Danchao Zhang: Large Plush Bear $40

Danchao Zhang: Bean Bag Chair $40 *Good quality used donations are welcome as well*

Weibao Zhang: 20 Book Bins $50

Weibao Zhang: 2 soft couch $ 100

Weibao Zhang: Classroom decorations $50

Alex Zhou: 6th Grade Mandarin: Mobile Whiteboard $540

Alex Zhou: (2) 12" Globes $150

Judy Zwiep: Classroom Set of Magnetic Letters  $45

Judy Zwiep: Magnetic Lined dry erase boards $250

Baolian Xie: Timer $15

Baolian Xie: Answer Buzzers $15

Baolian Xie: Helping Hands $23


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