Society Members

Society Members 101

    1. Not sure if you’re a Society Member? Here is the criteria (source: Organizational Constitution; Section 211):
      1. Support the mission statement of the school
      2. Support the school with prayer
      3. Have either made a recorded gift in the last 12 months or currently have a child or children enrolled in the school
  • Why are the people who fit this criteria called “Society” Members?
      1. Zeeland Christian School was founded in 1915 as The Society for Christian Instruction. This remains our legal name.
  • Why is this important?
    1. Our annual Society Meeting is happening on March 15 at 7pm in the vocal music room. The purpose of this meeting is to elect Board members and approve the budget. Board nominees, the proposed 2018-19 budget and the full Society Report (all-school year in review) can be viewed at All Society members are welcome and encouraged to attend.
    2. Votes may be submitted online until Mar. 14.  

Important Links

Vote to approve Board nominees and the budget here.

View the Society Report here.