Leadership and Leadership Support Staff

When teachers, staff and board members are first interviewed, there are three main questions we ask: Do you love God? Do you love kids? Do you love learning? It's important to us that each person who serves at ZCS is committed to those three missional priorities.

Head of School


Mike Arendsen

Director of Finance and Operations

Peter Jenkins

Director of Advancement

Karyl Morin

Director of Learning Innovation

Tracy Nelesen

Office Manager

Alicia Zandstra

Preschool Director

Tiffany Kraker

Director Marketing & Communications

Natalia McGowen

Director of Admissions & Enrollment

Leadership Support

Kelli Boerkoel

Admin Assistant to Deters, Morin, and Pierce

De Jong_Mrs.

Nakisha DeJong

Enrollment Coordinator


Ingrid Espendez

Office Assistant

Lois Gerritsma

Advancement Assistant


Linda Hoekwater

Finance Assistant


Crista Holstege

Human Resources/ Payroll Generalist

Van Klompenberg_Mrs.

Selena Van Klompenberg

Visual Storyteller


Carrie Papay

Office Manager


Jennifer Schafer '87

Fundraising Coordinator

Vanden Heuvel_Mrs.

Deb Vanden Heuvel

TRIP Coordinator