Support Services Staff

When teachers, staff and board members are first interviewed, there are three main questions we ask: Do you love God? Do you love kids? Do you love learning? It's important to us that each person who serves at ZCS is committed to those three missional priorities.


Mrs. Dena Apotheker

Early Interventionist for K to 3-school classes

Mrs. Maria Klompmaker '00

Resource Room

Maestra Marianne Raitz

Reading Support

Mental Health Team

Mr. Aaron Kauffman

Social Worker

Julie Postmus

School Mental Health Therapist

School Nurses

Mrs. Stacey Karel

School Nurse

Kathy Pyle

School Nurse



Miss Boetsma


Miss Brouwer

Mr. Tim Buteyn


Mrs. Laura Hunderman

Mrs. Stacey Karel

School Nurse

Picture Coming soon

Mrs. Knott