Stacy Deters

Stacy Deters

Director of Student Support Services

Started at Zeeland Christian: 2009

Started in Christian Education: 2009


"I graduated from Calvin College with a major in special education (Cognitive Impairment). I was able to do my student teaching at Zeeland Christian and was blessed to be able to stay on staff the following school year! I am currently working on my master's in Autism Spectrum Disorders from MSU."

What do you love about Zeeland Christian?

"I love the support at Zeeland Christian between staff and parents for students. Most of all, I love that it is a place where we celebrate the diversity of God's kingdom by not just welcoming, but celebrating who God made each person to be."

Why are you passionate about Christian Education?

"As a parent now myself, I want my own children to be spending every moment connecting their learning to God and who He is. Especially as I think about my role in the inclusion program, I am so grateful to be able to talk openly with students about the body of Christ and how each member is crucial to the others. "

What do you want others to know about you? 

"I am married to a Zeeland Christian alumni (Dustin) and together we have two boys, Colton and Jace. As a family, we enjoy spending lots of time outside - camping, biking, swimming, and going for walks. "

One life lesson your students have taught you:

"Celebrate the little things. They constantly remind me that the journey is just as important (if not more) than the end result!"