It is our deepest desire that all families who want to attend

Zeeland Christian School are able to afford it.

Register for T.R.I.P Online

You can now register for T.R.I.P from the comfort of your own home!

In order to sign up you will need to:

  • Read through our TRIP Registration information and fill out the included online form.
  • Enroll in Shop with Scrip.
  • Choose your payment method. You can either choose to pay online by signing up with presto pay and having the payment come directly from your bank account or you can choose to bring a check to the TRIP office at school. If you want to use reloadable cards or online shopping you will need to choose Presto pay. We know it is a hassle to sign up for one more thing but believe us, in the long run, presto pay is more efficient.




In order to take advantage of online ordering, you must first set up an account at Shop with Scrip.

  • Once you are ready to enroll, email for the enrollment code.
  • Click here to go to "Shop with Scrip."
  • Enter Zeeland Christian School/MI for the organization.
  • Write the name of your child and teacher on the teacher line if your child takes TRIP home.  If you would like to pick up at the TRIP office, please, leave the line blank.



your payment method.

Set up online payment (within the Shop with Scrip site, they use PrestoPay). It will be on the left-hand side menu item once you have set up your account on

Account activation may require up to 2 business days.

If you do not wish to use PrestoPay you may place your printed order form with a check in the TRIP mailbox.


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Any Questions? Please feel free to contact Deb Vanden Heuvel or Carrie Papay.

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TRIP Coordinator

Deb Vanden Heuvel