Annual Tuition Rates

Annual Tuition Rates

Threeschool & Preschool

Central Ave. 

Two-day session - $1,520
Three-day session - $2,132
Four-day + 0 PM - $3,016
Four-day +1 PM - $3,807
Four-day + 2 PM - $4,598
Four-day + 3 PM - $5,388
Four full days - $6,179


One PM a week: add $791
Two PM a week: add $1,582
Three PM a week: add $2,373
Four PM a week: add $3,164
Five PM a week: add $3,955

Creation Ridge - Located at Ridge Point Community Church

Two-day session - $1,898
Three-day session - $2,510
Explorers - $808


Y5 - 8th

Young Fives*

M-F Mornings: $4,231

M-F Mornings + 1 afternoon: $5,014

M-F Mornings + 2 afternoons: $5,797

M-F Mornings + 3 afternoons: $6,580

M-F Mornings + 4 afternoons: $7,363

M-F Full Days: $8,146

*If you have 2 or more students enrolled in elementary and middle school, Young Fives pricing will be based on the multi-child sliding scale. Tuition will default to the lowest cost combination.

K-8th Grade*

One student - $9,350
Two students - $16,050
Three students - $19,900
Four students - $23,400
Five students - $26,900
Six students -  $30,400 

*A $225 charge per student will be added to all middle school students for technology fees.

Financial Aid

Tuition Assistance

Think you can't afford ZCS? Thank again. Tuition assistance allows a family to pay as low as 50% of tuition and the THRIVE scholarship kicks in after that for families in underrepresented groups (people of color, minority cultures, and low socioeconomic status).

We use a third party to determine a family's needs.

The qualifying formula for tuition assistance is:

Step 1: Determine your family's Adjusted Gross Income

Step 2: Calculate: 15% x Adjusted Gross Income = B

Step 3: Identify your family's tuition for the upcoming year.

Step 4: Calculate: your family's total tuition - B = T.A. amount your family qualifies for

Step 5: Total tuition - T.A. amount from step four = amount family should expect to contribute

It is our deepest desire that all families who want to attend Zeeland Christian School can afford it.

If you are in a situation where no amount of personal sacrifice would make even 50% of tuition possible - there is still a way to send your children to ZCS. The THRIVE fund is a fund specifically designed for families with needs above and beyond 50% and are from underrepresented groups (people of color, minority cultures, and low socioeconomic status). Please contact Nakisha at for more information.

*Tuition assistance is 100% funded by donations from our community. If you are able to Give ZCS to a family, please do so today.