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2017-18 Preschool Information meeting is Jan. 19, 7pm at Zeeland Christian School. 

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2017-18 Preschool Requirements

Threeschool Classes:

  • Children must be 3 by September 1, 2017 and toilet trained for threeschool classes. 

Preschool/Four-year Old Classes:

  • Children must be four by September 1, 2017 to enroll in a three-day class.
  • Children must be four by September 1, 2017 or planning to go to kindergarten the following year to enroll in a two-day class.

Young Fives Classes:

  • This class is designed for children who will turn five in the summer or fall of 2017. 
  • Children must turn 5 by September 1, 2017 to be eligible for this class.

A Note on Busing:

  • One-way busing may be available for Young Fives students who live in the Zeeland Public Schools district. There is no busing in the middle of the day.

Flexible Parent Co-Op:

  • Zeeland Christian is able to offer high quality, cost effective programs because we are a flexible parent cooperative.  This means that parents (or other family members) are asked to help in the classroom on a regular basis.  We value your participation.  If this is difficult for your schedule we do have options to help you.  Contact Nancy Pyle ( or Stephanie Parrott ( for more information.

Extended Care:

Tuition for the 2017-18 School Year:

Threeschool/Four-year old Sessions

1-day - $441 for the year ($49/month)
2-day - $882 for the year ($98/month)
3-day - $1,302 for the year ($145/month)
4-day - $1,705 for the year ($194/month)

Young Fives Sessions

5-day - $2,184 for the year ($243/month)

(per month rate based on 9-month payment plan)





2017-2018 School Year

Threeschool - English

Session 1 -Friday
9:00A - 11:45A
Session 2 - M/W AM
9:00A - 11:45A
Session 3 - T/TH AM
9:00A - 11:45A
Session 4 - M/W/F AM

Threeschool - Spanish Immersion

Session 5 - M/W AM
9:00A - 11:45A
Session 6 - T/TH AM

Drenthe Site

Session 7 - T/TH AM

4-Year-Old - English

Session 8 - T/TH AM
8:45A - 11:30A
Session 9 - M/W/F AM
8:45A - 11:30A
Session 10 - M/W/F AM
12:30P - 3:15P
Session 11 - M/T/W/R

4-Year-Old - Spanish Immersion

Session 12 - M/W/F AM
Session 13 - M/W/F PM
12:30P - 3:15P
Session 14 - T/R/F AM
8:45A - 11:30A
Session 15 -M/T/W/R AM
8:45A - 11:30A

4-Year-Old - Mandarin Immersion

Session 16 - M/W/F PM
12:30 - 3:15P

Drenthe Site

Session 17 - M/W/F AM
Session 18 - M/W/F PM
12:30P - 3:15P

Young Fives

Session 19 - M/T/W/TH/F AM
8:45A - 11:30A

Registration Process

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