About ZCS

Where faith and learning burn bright

Our Mission

To provide a high-quality Christian education based on the Reformed understanding of the Christian faith. We do so as an extension of the Christian family, assisting parents in carrying out their responsibility to instruct their children in the Christian faith. 



Our Vision

To enable students to function to their fullest potential in contemporary society as Christian citizens who respond lovingly to God’s will, recognize the significance of serving others, and accept their responsibility toward the world.

Mission Advancement

We believe all families should have access to high-quality, Christ-centered education. See what we're doing to support this goal and help grow the Kingdom of God.

Our Values

Image Bearers of God
Growth for All
Nurturing Relationships
Innovation & Rigor
Transformational Service
Engaging God’s Word and World

 Values Statement

We believe that ZCS shares the responsibility for instruction in faith and academics with parents. Recognizing that parents are the primary source of guidance for their families, our instruction will always encourage students to view their parents as the best resource when facing tough questions, or when seeking help to process topics that may not completely match with their family's belief statements. In support of this structure of parent-led faith formation, it is our intent that:

  • Our students will be presented with the message of Scripture and the redemption that is offered through Jesus Christ. Understanding the significance of this redemption leads to deep joy which moves students toward Kingdom service as they seek to bring shalom to a broken world.
  • Our students will be instructed in Scriptural principles that will guide them into mature living, which, when integrated with personal faith, will prepare them for meaningful service in the Kingdom of God.
  • Our students will be encouraged to recognize the greatness and the mercy of our Lord in every area of life, and to understand that they are called to honest worship, moral discipline, and personal holiness.
  • Our students will be guided into a true knowledge of God's world, of its history, and its culture. They will be equipped to engage local and global society for the glory of God.
  • Our students are unique and beautiful, individual creations, each with an intentional plan ordained by a holy God. Each child is of infinite value and should feel the manifestation of this truth. Each gift, skill, and ability is necessary to complete the body of Christ.
  • Our students will know that every person must be afforded compassion, love, kindness, respect, grace, and dignity. Hateful behavior or attitudes directed toward any individual are to be repudiated and are not in accord with Scripture nor the Life Together Covenant that governs life at ZCS.
  • Our students will learn in a community centered on Christ’s teachings.
  • Our students will be taught in an environment where all students are able to grow as His children and flourish in relationship with each other. An important aspect of human relationships is conflict resolution and effective communication, and we strive to incorporate these elements into our school culture.
  • Our students, families, and staff should be actively involved in a local Christian church, leaning on their faith community as their primary source of Bible teaching, worship, and discipleship. This supports the development of the whole student through the partnership of home, school, and church.
  • Our students will learn in an environment that aligns with our school's belief statement. While striving to maintain the academic state standards that are consistent with our philosophy, we will seek new and creative ways to educate each student in alignment with his or her uniqueness, as God has created them.


Founded in 1915…

Zeeland Christian School began as the Society for Christian Instruction of Zeeland in 1915. Several Christian Reformed Churches worked together to provide a Christian education experience for the Zeeland community, and since its founding, two themes have been present: language skills and accessibility. One of the original goals was to teach the Dutch language, and during the Great Depression, families were allowed to split wood to work for their tuition payments.

These themes of language and accessibility continue today through our Spanish and Mandarin Immersion programs, and for the 2023-24 school year, over 20% of our student body will receive financial aid - ranging from 5-90% of their tuition.

Initially housed in a two-story building on Cherry St., Zeeland Christian built a second location on Central Avenue in 1949. This remains our main campus, educating students from three years old to 8th grade. In 2019, we added an outdoor preschool location called Creation Ridge, located on the campus of Ridgepoint Community Church near the border of Zeeland and Holland.

A significant milestone in the school's history occurred in 1989 when leadership stepped out in faith to serve students with varied abilities. Since then, Zeeland Christian has become a global leader in inclusive education. We all bear the image of Christ, and each student has infinite value. While far from perfect, we strive to provide the support each student needs to ignite their God-given fullest potential.

  • The Foundation of Zeeland

    In 1915, a small group of Christian parents decided to place Christ and Biblical truths at the center of their child’s academic development. They founded Zeeland Christian School in a four-room building on Cherry Street.
  • Current Location

    By 1948, Zeeland Christian School outgrew the Cherry Street campus and moved to its current location at 334 W. Central Ave. 

    Since then, there have been many additions, renovations, and improvements. 

  • ZCS Today

    Today, the school is made up of more than 170 faculty and staff who teach over 1,000 students each week! Our program offerings are English, Spanish Immersion, Mandarin Immersion, Inclusive Education, and two preschool sites - Creation Ridge and Central Avenue.



Integration of Faith and Learning

Parents have chosen Zeeland Christian expectant for a high-quality Christian education. We are committed to leveling up our clarity of action, intentionality, and communication with parents on integrating faith and learning. Enlivening our commitment to integrating faith and learning reflects a reformed understanding of how God is always at work in all things.  

Financial Accessibility

A place where every family who desires a Christian education for their children is able to do so. A place where every child has the support they need.

Innovative Learning Environments


High-quality learning environments are accessible for all students. All classrooms are large enough for wheelchair accessibility, filled with flexible seating and active learning stations. Teachers have high-quality resources and technology for both indoor and outdoor learning experiences. Staff are equipped with the skills and resources needed to provide a “wow” experience for parents, donors, grandparents, students, and community members.


Equipping Teachers and Staff

Provide teachers and staff the necessary resources, accountability, professional development, growth opportunities, leadership development, and input. Provide a thriving environment that attracts and retains high-quality teachers and staff. Every staff member knows why their role is vital to fulfilling the school's mission and living out the vision for who a ZCS graduate will be.

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