We believe that the days of teachers standing at the front of the classroom and giving monologues are over. Today's classrooms must be exploratory, interactive, challenging, relevant and project-oriented.

Our students know it's okay to try new things even if it means failing along the way. Children learn through failure and success. So, our job isn't to make sure they succeed. Our job is to provide them with many opportunities to fail and learn from their failures. After all, students who never fail are not pushing their academic boundaries hard enough.

Relationship-based teaching

Teachers focus on developing a trusted relationship with students so that the children feel comfortable trying new things.

The concept of teachers as facilitators

Teachers point students toward the information they need but do not often provide it to them.

Differentiated teaching

Teachers meet each student where he or she is academically.

Relevance to the real world

Teachers strive to show students real world applications in everything they teach.

A global perspective

Teachers show students the amazing world God has created.

Inquiry based learning

Teachers pose questions to students and give them the chance to discover the answers.


Students are encouraged to explore subject matter as opposed to being led through it by the teacher.

Integrated projects

A project on Egypt (social studies) will involve the amazing geometry of the pyramids (math) while reading a fiction book on the life of slave girl in ancient times (language arts).

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