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An investment in your child's story that will pay lifelong dividends.

2019-20 Tuition Rates

Note Regarding the Y5-8th (or 12th) Tuition Sliding Scale:

Zeeland Christian School is a covenantal family made up of many parents and guardians. Many years ago the School Board decided it would implement a sliding tuition schedule that would allow parents with more children to pay a lower percentage of the cost of education. What this means at the present time is that a family with one child pays more than 100 percent of the cost of education and a family with more children pays less than 100 percent.

Enrolling at ZCS makes you a member of the ZCS Society. As a member of this Society, we are asking that you commit to this sliding scale until your child(ren) leave the ZCS school system. That may be in eighth grade or upon graduation from high school at Holland Christian. This way we can continue to provide this service for our families and continue to provide quality education for the children in this community. Thank you!

*Preschool students are not included in the sliding scale.


2 Day (am or pm)

$115 /month

3 Day (am or pm)

$162 /month

4 Full Days

$512 /month

4 am & 1 pm

$299 /month

4 am & 2 pm

$370 /month

4 am & 3 pm

$441 /month

Young Fives (Y5) and Transitional Kindergarten

Young Fives

$248 /month

Transitional Kindergarten

$595 /month *see page 3 of Kindergarten guide sheet for more info

School/Home Collaborative



$518 /month

Elementary and Middle School (K-8th Grade)

1 Student

$740 /month

2 Students

$1,110 /month

3 Students

$1,369 /month

4 Students

$1,554 /month

5 Students

$1,695 /month

High School (Grades 9-12) at Holland Christian

1 Student

$906.50 /month

2 Students

$1,389.83 /month

3 Students

$1,722.25 /month