Financial Aid

Think you can't afford Christian education? Think again.

ZCS believes everyone should have access to high-quality Christian education.
We offer different types of need-based assistance that accommodate your family’s specific financial situation.

Financial Aid Available

Tuition Assistance - Level 1 (TA1) is offered for families with children in K-8th grade, up to 50% of a family’s tuition cost. If a family also has a preschool or young fives student, that tuition is accounted for when awarding assistance. We do not currently offer tuition assistance for families with only children enrolled in preschool. To see if you may be eligible for Tuition Assistance, please see the chart below. 


Tuition Assistance - Level 2 (TA2) is available when the TA1 award amount is insufficient to meet a family’s financial needs. Families are invited to apply by submitting a letter to our finance team detailing the additional needs.


Emergency Tuition Assistance Fund provides assistance relating to hardship - such as loss of income due to job loss. These cases receive assistance from the emergency tuition assistance fund and are considered case-by-case.

Other Ways to Save:


TRIP stands for Tuition Reduction Incentive Program. Families can save hundreds of dollars each year and you can start before you even have children enrolled!

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529 Savings Accounts

Recent changes in the tax law now allow families to utilize 529 savings accounts as another way to save money on tuition.

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Complete the financial aid application on the FACTS website today. Awards are determined by the ZCS Finance Committee and are made based on the funds available. Please note there is a $40 fee to apply for assistance.

“After I began suffering from a painful medical condition and accumulating incredible debt, we didn’t know how we were going to pay for Christian education. It was made possible by God through a financial scholarship from the collective heart of ZCS."

- Current ZCS Dad

Don't let finances get in the way.

If you need financial assistance, but your family does not meet the standard eligibility requirements, contact us.