Think you can't afford Christian education? Think again.

ZCS believes everyone should have access to high-quality Christian education. We offer different types of need-based assistance that accommodate your family’s specific financial situation.

We have families paying only $100/mo.

Tuition Assistance

The average family qualifies for $4300 in tuition assistance.

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The THRIVE Scholarship Fund is specifically designed for families from underrepresented groups (people of color, minority cultures, low socioeconomic status, and others).

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TRIP stands for Tuition Reduction Incentive Program. Families can save hundreds of dollars each year and you can start before you even have children enrolled!

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529 Savings Accounts

Recent changes in the tax law now allow families to utilize 529 savings accounts as another way to save money on tuition.

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“After I began suffering from a painful medical condition and accumulating incredible debt, we didn’t know how we were going to pay for Christian education. It was made possible by God through a financial scholarship from the collective heart of ZCS."

- Current ZCS Dad

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