Young Fives & Kindergarten

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Young Fives (Y5s)

A pre-kindergarten program designed for children who turn five by Dec. 1 and who have already completed a preschool experience.

Y5s Schedule Options


  • Language Options: Spanish or English
  • Program: Nature-rich only
  • Schedule: All students attend 5 mornings/week from 8:40-11:50 AM and follow the K-8 calendar from August-June.


Nature-rich Quick Glance

Our nature-rich Young Fives aims to provide a well-rounded and outdoor enriched education, where young learners not only develop academically but also grow in their understanding of God's handiwork through meaningful interactions with His creation.

  • All Y5s classes partake in nature-rich learning
  • Students learn outdoors twice per week
  • Special gear is provided by ZCS





  • Language: English only
  • Program: Nature-based or Traditional Y5s
  • Schedule: There are three options available to all students.
    • 1. Every afternoon
    • 2. Transitional
      • August - December: at school T/TH afternoons
      • January: option to add Wednesdays
      • April: option to add Mondays
    • 3. No afternoons


Nature-based Afternoon Add-on Quick Glance

Our nature-based programming intricately integrates outdoor experiences into subjects like science, math, language arts, and art. Students explore and engage with nature for the majority of their school day, fostering a love for learning that is rooted in the beauty and wonders of God's creation.

  • Add-on for Y5s students
  • Students learn outdoors the majority of the afternoon, in all weather (except extreme weather)
  • Special gear is required and must be provided by students


Our kindergarten teachers focus on building community, nurturing creativity and helping each child to better appreciate the wonders of God’s creation.

Full-time Kindergarten

Students attend kindergarten from 8:40 AM - 3:25 PM, Monday thru Friday, all year long.


Transitional Kindergarten

All transitional kindergarten students attend school Monday thru Friday from 8:40 AM - 11:50 AM all year. Parents who choose transitional kindergarten set a part-time school schedule for their child, increasing to full days during the year.

Changes to a child's afternoon schedule are set as follows. Additional afternoons may only be added at these three times during the school year.

  • All transitional students will begin to attend class on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons starting the last week of October.
  • Beginning second semester (the third week of January), all transitional students will attend class on Wednesday afternoons, giving them three full days of school.
  • All transitional students will attend class on Monday afternoons after spring break in April, bringing students up to four full days at school. Some parents may choose to add Friday afternoons, but this is not required.

*Please note: must be 5 by Sept. 1st of the school year enrolled


Readiness Testing is done in May, by parents or preschool teacher request, for students with summer birthdays who plan to attend ZCS for the upcoming school year. Additionally, any students who did not attend preschool at ZCS will be assessed. Staff work in conjunction with preschool teachers to assess readiness for kindergarten, offering recommendations to parents.


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