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Middle school is a time of independence, exploration, and change. Together, we work on appreciating the past, answering the question, “Who am I?”, and accepting God’s grace.


You notice we call this space between 6th-8th grades "Middle School." Not "Junior High." That's because middle schoolers aren't junior high schoolers. They are kids in the middle of drastic changes throughout their bodies that are reflected in how they think, how they act and how they learn. At Zeeland Christian Middle School, our teaching staff embraces this unique phase of life and enjoys leading their students through it.

A unique aspect of ZCMS is the way we help kids make good choices. We do not have ZERO HOURS or DETENTION or any of the discipline tactics most parents grew up with. Instead, the teachers rely on creating relationships with students and guiding them along the way. What happens if a student makes a poor choice? Then, they experience the natural consequences of their actions. Yes, it's more work for the staff.  But we believe strongly that punishment alone will not help our students grow into the people God created them to be. If you'd like to learn more about "natural consequences" and some of the tactics we use, we recommend reading the book, "Love & Logic."


An integral part of building community at Zeeland Christian School is being part of a Family Group.  Students are all assigned a Family Group in First Grade. They stay with their Family Group all the way through ZCS.  Each Family Group has 2-3 students from every grade level. The older students are responsible for the younger students.

Together, they study the Bible, they work on service projects and sometimes, they just hang out and have fun! The Zeeland Christian community is stronger because of these multi-age relationships and the mentoring that takes place within the Family Groups.


Zeeland Christian Middle School is extremely intentional.  Over the years, the Middle School staff has developed a series of experiences that help students grow into leaders and mentors for the rest of the school.  A key part of this development is the Middle School camps. Each year, the students attend 1-2 camps that are specially designed to move them forward in their personal and communal development.

  • 6th Grade Camp: Focus is on building community, beginning Middle School together and setting the tone for the next 3 years.
  • 7th Grade Camp - Fall: Emphasis is on spiritual growth and creating a covenantal community based on love and respect for everyone in the class.
  • 7th Grade Camp - Spring: Intensely focused on leadership development and preparing for 8th Grade by choosing the next year's theme and small group leaders
  • 8th Grade Camp: This is an extremely spiritual, emotional and personal camp where students spend time committing their lives to God, reflecting on where they've been and preparing for where God is sending them.


All School Chapel, MS Worship, Camps, Family Groups, Small Groups



Art, Choir, Band, World Language, Technology, Library, and Gym



Running Club, Geography Bee, Spelling Bee, Athletics, Calling All Colors, Ski Club, Robotics, 7th & 8th Grade Play, and Worship Team

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7:35 am start of school

9:45-9:55 am T/Th morning recess

10:00-10:10 am M/W/F morning recess

11:15-11:25 am T/Th lunch 

11:25-11:45 am T/Th recess

11:40-11:50 am M/W/F lunch

11:50-12:10 am M/W/F recess

2:25 pm bus dismissal

MS Lunch: Middle schoolers can bring a packed lunch or order hot lunch.


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