Love God. Love Kids. Love Learning.

Threeschool – Eighth Grade

English, Spanish, & Mandarin


We embrace our call to teach three- and four-year-olds about the wonders of God's world! Through active, play-based education, we introduce children to letters, numbers, science, art, and more!


We are passionate about teaching children about the love of Jesus. That means ALL children, including those who have unique gifts and needs. There is a sense of belonging for children of all abilities in ZCS classrooms!


Elementary is an exciting and robust time, full of reading, creative writing, and math basics. Our teachers work with students to build a love for learning, blessing those around us, and belonging to God.


Middle school is a time of independence, exploration, and change. Together, we work on appreciating the past, answering the question, “Who am I?”, and accepting God’s grace.

"My child is thriving at ZCS because he is seen, known, valued, and loved!" - Dee

"ZCS is like a home away from home for our kids. We know they are safe, they are loved, and they are learning to love." - Jessica

"My child has thrived at ZCS because his teachers have helped him discover his gifts and develop them." - Susan

"We love ZCS because we know our child is being surrounded by people who LOVE and teach her about the Awesome wonders of our God in everyday life!!" - Christa

"My child is thriving at ZCS (Creation Ridge) in threeschool because he comes home every day with a new way Mrs. D taught him about God's love!" - Rachel

"We love ZCS because from the moment we first stepped foot in the doors six years ago, we felt the presence of God all over the place! We knew that sending our kids there would be the easiest decision & best investment we could ever make!" - Lisa

"My child has thrived at ZCS because he is able to learn with his whole body, outdoors at Creation Ridge. I'm so grateful for a program like this for my busy three-year-old!" - Jordan

"We love ZCS because it is simply a place of great joy and love!" - Amanda

"We love ZCS because our children know that God loves them and those around them in three languages!" - Nakisha