Our staff is here to help you. Please call or stop by if you have a question or would like more information on any aspect of ZCS.

Office Hours

Monday-Thursday:  7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Fridays:  7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


Zeeland Christian School is located on Central Ave. in Zeeland, MI.  We are located on the south side of Central Ave. between Lee St. and Jefferson St.

Who to Contact:

Zeeland Christian School is an extremely friendly, all-inclusive, family-oriented organization.  But if you are new to our community, it can be hard to know who to start with when you have a question or comment.  Here's a handy guide!

I have a question about enrollment.
Any of the front office staff (which includes Diane Lucas and Tracy Nelesen) will be happy to assist you. Contact 616.772.2609 or

My child is going to be out sick.
Please leave a message on our absentee line at 616.741.0051

I need to get a message to my child during school hours.
Please call our front desk and let them know what you'd like communicated to your child.  We will make sure he or she gets the message. 616.772.2609

I would like to learn more about Zeeland Christian's Mandarin and Spanish immersion programs.
Please contact Program Coordinator Jodi Pierce at 616.772.2609 or email her at

I would like more information on the School/Home Collaborative.
Please contact Julie Walters at 616.772.2609 or email her at

I don't know much about the Middle School program.  How can I get more information?
Please contact Middle School Lead Teacher John Buteyn at 616.772.2609 or

I would like more information on the Christian Learning Center/inclusive education program.
Contact Barb Newman or Stacey Deters at 616.772.2609 or

I'm interested in the preschool program but need more information.
Our front desk staff may be able to answer your questions or you can talk to our Preschool Co-Directors, Stephanie Parrott ( or Nancy Pyle ( at 616.772.2609.

I think my family might need financial assistance.  
Please contact ZCS Interim Principal John Buteyn,  or Linda Keen at 616.772.2609 or or  All tuition assistance requests will be kept confidential.

I want to talk to someone about something that happened in my child's class. 
If you have comments, suggestions or concerns about your child's class, we encourage you to talk to your child's teacher directly.  We believe in the Biblical concept of conflict resolution.  Matthew 18 tells us that we are take any issues to the person involved one on one first. If the conversation needs to be continued, the teacher may choose to invite Interim Principal John Buteyn into the conversation to help guide the solution.  To talk to one of your child's teachers, please call them on any of the phone numbers they provided you at the beginning of the year or by calling our front desk at 616.772.2609.


Basic Contact Info

Zeeland Christian School
334 W. Central Ave.
Zeeland, MI 49464

P: 616.772.2609
F: 616.772.2706

To report an absent student: