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In preschool, we focus on exploring God's world, developing friendships, and helping children to discover a lifelong love of learning.

Zeeland Christian Preschool is all about teaching the littlest of God's children to love Jesus, to love each other and to become lifelong learners.


We love the way they think. We love the way they play. We love the way they experience the world with ALL their senses. And most importantly, we love seeing God through their eyes!

We believe our love for kids is what makes teaching possible - especially at the young ages of 3, 4 and 5.  When children feel safe, secure and loved, they are able to open up to new experiences and new opportunities. We are able to nurture our students' social, emotional, physical, spiritual, and intellectual growth because of the caring relationships we build with them.

At Zeeland Christian Preschool, we will help your child to:

  • Become more aware of God in our world
  • Show love for God and each other
  • Achieve a good self-image
  • Learn to accept and respond to others
  • Improve verbal, listening, and perceptual skills
  • Develop large and small motor skills
  • Develop attitudes that support the love of learning, problem-solving, and curiosity

Ready For School

Zeeland Christian Preschool is pleased to partner with Ready for School, an organization that seeks to prepare young children in the Holland, Zeeland, and Hamilton communities for success in school.  For more information about the work Ready for School is doing in our community or the tuition scholarships available for 3-year-olds, please visit



This program is the foundation of all our preschool programs at ZCS. It is a play-based preschool program led by experienced and educated teachers.

Inclusive Education

This beloved program welcomes students with varying abilities into the classroom. Inclusion benefits both the general education student and the student with disabilities because it teaches that we are all created in God’s image and part of the body of Christ. If you have a child with disabilities, please contact Stacy Deters to discuss how we can serve you and your child.

Spanish Immersion

Spanish Immersion contains all the elements of our traditional program with one additional layer - classes are taught entirely in Spanish!

Mandarin Immersion

Mandarin Immersion contains all the elements of our traditional program with one additional layer - classes are taught entirely in Mandarin Chinese! (Note: We do not currently offer a Mandarin Immersion Threeschool or Young Fives option.)

Options for Kids age 3-5


A play-based preschool experience designed specifically for three-year-olds.


A kindergarten readiness program for four-year-olds.

Young Fives

A pre-kindergarten program designed for children who turn five by Dec. 1 and who have already completed a preschool experience.


For more information on our preschool, please contact our Preschool Director, Nancy Pyle

For Extended Care, please contact Heather Mulder

Preschool Leadership


Mrs. Nancy Pyle

Preschool Director