Technology touches almost every part of our daily lives. That's why it's so important to seemlessly integrate technology into the classroom in a way that supports academic goals.

Our Mission at Zeeland Christian is to challenge the mind, nurture the spirit and encourage obedience to Jesus Christ.  It has always been our goal to help each student develop their God given gifts and talents to redeem every part of his world.  One area of focus over the last few years has involved the many uses of technology.

Technology is becoming an increasingly important part of learning, expanding the classroom beyond traditional limits of time and space.  Technology enables us to respond more effectively to the unique learning styles of today’s students.  Technology expands our sense of community by changing the way teachers, students, and parents are able to interact with each other.  

Our technology goals for students:

1. Equip students to use technology to impact the world for Christ.
2. Teach students discernment and the ethical use of technology.
3. Improve the quality of student learning and academic achievement as they develop knowledge and skills for the future world of work.
4. Provide greater access to educational opportunities, formative assessments, and differentiated instruction by providing one to one access to laptops for students for anytime, anywhere learning.
5. Improve communications among students, parents and teachers. 
6. Equip students to be life long learners.

Information for students and parents:

Laptop Online Info Form (Please use this link to fill out laptop forms online)


Internet Options

Student Technology Acceptable Use Policy

Parent Agreement




Computer Games

Computer Games

Would your kids like to practice their computer skills?  Here are Mrs. Meeuwsen's favorite websites!


The core of every classroom is teaching kids to love God and to love others.  But there are many ways to do that! Check out the innovative and exciting ways we educate kids in our Non-Traditional 'Traditional' program.