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Two Ways to Give Kids Emotional Feedback When Adults are Wearing Masks

By Peter Jenkins | Aug 17, 2020

ZCS School Counselor, Mrs. Postmus shared two ideas with our staff to help kids continue to see smiling faces and a wide variety of facial expressions in the age of having faces covered by masks. The first is a poster of her with a big picture in the middle of a very real smile that…

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ZCS Graduates Innagural Class of Mandarin Immersion Students

By Peter Jenkins | Jun 26, 2020

即将结束的2020学年不仅对于泽兰基督学校来说非同寻常,对于所有渥太华县的学校,以及所有中西部地区的基督教学校来说也是史上首次。8年级的毕业班里将会有一小部分学生在进入高中之时就具有中英文双语能力。这些学生开始小学的学业时并不会说任何中文,但是经过了8年沉浸式中文的学习,这些同学在毕业时达到了8年级中文会话,阅读和写作的能力。“我非常喜欢学习中文,”学生刘佳宜说,“我感谢泽兰基督学校给我这样的机会。我希望能够在生活里用中文帮助别人认识上帝。” The closing of the 2020 school year may have been unique for Zeeland Christian School, but it also marks a historic first for any school in Ottawa County and any Christian school in the Midwest. Within the 8th grade graduating class of 2020 is a small group of students who will begin high school…

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An International Mandarin Connection

By Peter Jenkins | May 20, 2020

Distance Learning brings challenges and new opportunities. One of those opportunities is a connection between our Mandarin Immersion Kindergarten class and an international class whose target language is English. ZCS Kindergarten teacher, Hou Laoshi, shares about the experience. “The idea came up when I was talking with my friend, Belle, about some cheers and struggles…

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Beginners, Together!

By Peter Jenkins | Apr 6, 2020

By Karyl Morin, Director of Learning Innovation at Zeeland Christian School “We will desire to get back to normal, yet I believe we will realize an even better normal after we learn and grow together through this.”   We are all beginners! Each of us is learning and working in new ways and are there ever-growing…

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ZCS Adopts Next Gen Science Standards and Inquiry-Based Learning!

By Peter Jenkins | Mar 3, 2020

Karyl Morin, Dir. of Learning Innovation Curiosity, critical thinking, and active learning are alive and well in science at ZCS! Did you know that our teachers have been trained in Next Gen Science Standards (NGSS) and that ZCS has adopted a new Science curriculum based on NGSS? Phenomenal Science (K-5) and MiStar (6-8) are both…

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New Logo for ZCS

By Peter Jenkins | Feb 5, 2020

We are excited to announce a new Zeeland Christian School logo! This new logo represents the values ZCS has always held dear while bringing a fresh and vibrant look and feel to our school. Throughout the entire history of our school, a flame has been present in each of our four logos. Symbolizing both the…

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PBIS: Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports Launch

By Peter Jenkins | Feb 5, 2020

We are excited to introduce our new Positive Behavior framework to ZCS: Christ-like AMOR. The ultimate goal of the framework is to bring clarity and consistency for our students and staff. The students were introduced to our Behavior Expectations on Monday. We will be intentionally acknowledging the positive behaviors that we see every day because…

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The NEA Big Read

By Selena Van Klompenberg | Nov 21, 2019

This year two 8th grade reading classes participated in our city-wide NEA Big Read, led by Hope College. Big Read brings our community together around books and uses this shared experience to explore book themes as a springboard to explore themes and listen to each other. Our 8th graders created two visuals exploring the book, Before…

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Phil and Tasha Saladin – Our Military/ZCS Story

By Peter Jenkins | Nov 11, 2019

Tasha’s Service I served a little over four years as a medic in the Army. I went through basic, medic training and Airborne school, and was first stationed in Germany. In Germany, I served as a medic, and as the unit Armorer. The funny thing about the Army is you never know what job you…

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