The most popular program at Zeeland Christian School is our traditional program.

The traditional program is a great fit for families who prefer a traditional school experience while taking advantage of some very cutting-edge and non-traditional teaching techniques!  Our traditional program is based on:

A 'Traditional' Program that is Anything but Traditional!

  • Relationship-based teaching - Teachers focus on developing a trusted relationship with students so that the children feel comfortable trying new things.
  • The concept of teachers as facilitators - Teachers point students toward the information they need but do not often provide it to them.
  • Differentiated teaching - Teachers meet each student where he or she is academically.
  • Relevance to the real world - Teachers strive to show students real world applications in everything they teach.
  • A global perspective - Teachers show students the amazing world God has created.
  • Inquiry based learning - Teachers pose questions to students and give them the chance to discover the answers.
  • Exploration - Students are encouraged to explore subject matter as opposed to being led through it by the teacher.
  • Integrated projects - A project on Egypt (social studies) will involve the amazing geometry of the pyramids (math) while reading a fiction book on the life of slave girl in ancient times (language arts).