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Trilingual education is an excellent opportunity for children to see the world through a new lens.  With 12 different countries of origin represented among our faculty, a multicultural world becomes reality at Zeeland Christian School.


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What does trilingual education look like at ZCS?

  • Trilingual education is possible through our immersion programs. Students are immersed in the program's target language and become biliterate (Mandarin OR Spanish + English) and receive a foreign language class (Mandarin OR Spanish).
  • Students are taught to read, write and converse in the program’s target language by being constantly immersed in the language. They learn their new language in much the same way that they learn their first language, through meaningful communication.
  • Our teachers know that for many children, this will be their first time learning another language. For that reason, teachers use actions, images, and nonverbal cues to enhance communication.

“Speaking the language is only part of the benefit of attending a trilingual Christian school.“


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Immersion?

Immersion is a term used to describe a method of teaching languages. ZCS curriculum is based on a total immersion model, in which the teacher speaks only in the target language, Mandarin or Spanish, throughout the lessons. 

When can students join?

  • Mandarin Immersion: threeschool, preschool, or kindergarten
  • Spanish Immersion: threeschool, preschool, kindergarten, or 1st grade


When/How is English Introduced?

  • Starting in third grade, the students learn their social studies curriculum in English. Teachers focus on English-specific skills which are integrated into their social studies instruction.
  • By 5th grade, most students are at a fluency level equal to a native-speaking 5th grader.
  • During the 6th-8th grade years, student’s language proficiency grows significantly in English and the immersion language due to targeted instruction. 

灿燃   |   Brilla Intensamente   |  Burn Bright

ZCS offers a non-traditional English program, the only Christian Mandarin total immersion program in the Midwest (4yr olds-8th grade), and the largest and the most established Christian Spanish Immersion program in Michigan (3yr old-8th grade).


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