Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical school day schedule?



Threeschool Start: 8:45am/12:30pm

End: 11:30am/3:15pm

Preschool Start: 8:45am/12:30pm

End: 11:30am/3:15pm



8:40 School begins
10:10-10:25 Morning recess
11:55-12:20 Lunch recess
12:20-12:45 Lunch
1:55-2:10 Afternoon recess
3:22 Dismissal


8:40 School begins
10:25-10:40 Morning recess
12:00-12:20 Lunch
12:20-12:45 Lunch recess
2:10-2:25 Afternoon recess
3:22 Dismissal


Middle School

7:35 School begins
9:45-9:55 T/Th Morning recess
10:00-10:10 M/W/F Morning recess
11:15-11:25 T/Th Lunch
11:25-11:45 T/Th Recess
11:40-11:50 M/W/F Lunch
11:50-12:10 M/W/F Recess
2:25 Dismissal

How does lunch work?

Lunch is eaten in students' classrooms -- either a packed lunch from home or hot lunch. Hot lunch is available through the Holland Christian Schools system. Students indicate their hot lunch choice upon arrival to the classroom each morning. The food is prepared right in our kitchen and served fresh to our students daily. is the system used to manage hot lunch accounts and charges.

Free/Reduced Hot Lunch: You may apply for Free/Reduced Lunch Benefits today. Please go directly to where you will quickly and easily be able to apply for Free and Reduced Lunch Benefits online, by selecting Holland Christian School district. One application per family for Free/Reduced benefits must be submitted each school year. Please be assured that this information will remain confidential. If you need an application mailed to you, please contact

The cost for hot lunch is $3.00 per student. Thursday is Pizza Day and an extra slice is offered $1.50 for grades 3-8.

Hot lunch orders must be in by 8:00 a.m. for middle school students and by 9:00 a.m. for elementary students. *If your student will be late to school, please make sure to call the school office and submit your child’s hot lunch order before the cut-off time.

Menus can be found on the Current Families page on our website HERE.

How do you handle food allergies?

We take allergies very seriously at ZCS and will work with you to put together a food plan. Each family is contacted before school starts to determine the best plan for their child. We do ask that families send their students with safe snacks for all children in classrooms where classmates have severe allergies.

Is there busing?

Busing is provided for students who live in the Zeeland Public School system. Visit here for general bussing information. Every student needs to submit a new transportation form each year, so if you haven’t already for this school year, please access the form here and mail it directly to the Transportation office.

ZPS no longer sends postcards with bus route information. Parents can access their child’s bus number and stop time via the Transportation Tab in Infinite Campus.


How many locations does ZCS have?

  • Central Avenue (Main Site)
  • Creation Ridge Preschool: held at RidgePoint Community Church


How do you keep your building secure?

During school hours all doors will be locked. To enter school you will need to enter through the main doors (Door C by the canopy) and be buzzed in to the office. There you will need to sign in through our visitor management system.


How can parents get involved at ZCS?

1. Parent Liaisons
2. ZCS Events - Join us for concerts, chapels, Fun Night, 8th Grade Play, ZCS Auction, etc.


Is there a dress code?

We don't have a dress code besides being appropriate and modest. You can purchase school logo wear here.



Have Questions?

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