The core of every classroom is teaching kids to love God and to love others.  But there are many ways to do that!  Explore some of the exciting programs we offer here at Zeeland Christian School.

We believe God made every single student unique. That's one of the reasons we offer so many different educational options. We invite you to explore each of the programs we offer and choose the option that is best for your student.  Some families find that one program works best for one child and another program a better fit for their sibling.  None of our programs are better than others - just different!

Christian Learning Center

The Christian Learning Center (CLC) is a nonprofit organization that provides education and support services to schools, churches and homes.  We have CLC staff at Zeeland Christian.  These loving teachers are integral in putting together the individual strategies needed to help each child develop.

Resource Room

Students who struggle with learning disabilities often benefit from our Resource Room.  These children work with specially trained staff to learn the curriculum taught in their general education classroom.  However, they may use different tools and methods than the rest of their class.