Choosing the Right School

7 Tips for Parents & Guardians

Choosing the Right School

One of the most important decisions you will make as a parent or guardian will be determining where your child will receive their education. At ZCS, we believe it is our responsibility to assist parents in carrying out their responsibility to instruct their children in the Christian faith. This is why we've compiled seven tips to help you choose the right school.

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The List

Alignment of Values

TIP #1: Determine whether the school's mission and core values align with the ideals you have for your child's character development in addition to supporting your family's values.

Teacher Focus

TIP #2: View the school's philosophy regarding teaching. Educators contribute significantly not only to academic achievements but also to the social and emotional development of students in preschool through eighth grade. A school's teaching philosophy should support your desired growth for your child.

Integrated Curriculum & Instruction

TIP #3: Seek a curriculum and teaching approach that reflects the demands of the 21st century, emphasizing creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills encourages the development of qualities like perseverance, resilience, and self-confidence.

Student Growth Tracking

TIP #4: Inquire about the school's methods of assessing student progress through assignments and evaluations. Additionally, ask how parents are kept informed about their child's growth.

School-to-Home Partnership

TIP #5: Determine if the school's school-to-home partnership goals align with your family's needs.

Program Opportunities

TIP #6: Explore the unique subjects and programs available as part of the curriculum, such as arts, music, computer science, project-based learning, or foreign languages. These opportunities provide your child with a chance to further explore their interests or pursue new areas of study easily.

Sense of Community and School Culture

TIP #7: Evaluate whether the school cultivates a supportive environment where your child will feel embraced, encouraged to take risks, and experience a sense of belonging.

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