Address Your Weariness

As I was reading through the Blue Note this week, I found myself thinking a few separate times, “Wow. A lot is going on.” I look at my Google calendar and, “Wow, I have a lot going on.”

It is easy this time of year to slip in and out of weariness. When we are weary, we become susceptible to the lies and traps of this world. “I’m a failure as a dad.” “I’m not the husband my wife needs me to be.” “I feel stuck in life.”

Jesus’ solution to weariness is to physically and spiritually stop, trading our anxiety, fear, and stressors for his peace.

My father recently turned 90, and last week Joey and I were able to spend a few days with him and my mom. I came back refreshed physically and spiritually for the weeks ahead. It’s amazing what a little rest can do.

We will be better individuals, spouses, and parents when we acknowledge our weariness and address it. Physically stop. Spiritually stop. Experience his rest.


Tim McAboy

Head of School

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