Our Responsibility

Having grown up attending a Christian school, I always knew I wanted to provide my children with a Christian education. Now that we’re a part of ZCS, it means much more than just choosing a Christian education, it involves investing in and immersing ourselves in the community that has been built here.

Beyond being a ZCS parent, I am also a staff member. As the Human Resource/Payroll Generalist at ZCS, being part of a school that upholds these beliefs is both an honor and a privilege. Quite often, we start at staff meetings by reading our school’s mission and vision statements. Then, we share the part that resonates with our role here and what current projects we are focusing on to help the school live out the vision and mission. 

For me, our school’s vision is one I think of when I think of my position at ZCS:
“To enable students to function to their fullest potential in contemporary society as Christian citizens who respond lovingly to God’s will, recognize the significance of serving others, and accept their responsibility toward the world.”

The hiring aspect of my role is significant and one I do not take lightly. Because of this, I work closely with our leaders to ensure that we bring in individuals who not only embrace but also embody ZCS’ mission and vision. Employing individuals who can enable students to function to their fullest potential in contemporary society as Christian citizens is crucial to instilling a Jesus-centered mindset in our students. As I see staff members make meaningful connections with students through high-fives or hugs, or watching each member model service to others, reassures me that our vision is actively being implemented. 

I believe we all have a responsibility to fulfill our mission, and am encouraged to witness so many fellow staff members sharing this responsibility.

Navigating the next few months and preparing for the next academic year, we humbly ask for your prayers for our school. Specifically, we seek divine guidance in the individuals that will ignite the passion of Christ in the students they reach on a daily basis.


Written by Crista Holstege

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