Rushing to the Broken

“We are rushing to the broken.” A friend of mine spoke these words as he led students in chapel at a school I was leading. His message was inspiring, but my thought was, “No, we’re not.” My school was (and is) wonderful, but we didn’t rush towards the broken. I found myself often giving reasons why we couldn’t meet needs in the times we were needed most.

It brings tears to my eyes to confidently say that at Zeeland Christian, we are rushing to the broken.  Leading an organization that rushes to the broken has been the most rewarding, and the most challenging, part of my transition here. When we step towards the broken, I’m too often looking for a clear path forward to a happy ending. Thankfully, I’m surrounded by others who continue to show me that taking only the next step forward as the Spirit leads is enough. It might be messy, and it might not all work out as we think it should, but we’re not going to let that stop us from the work God has called us to do.


Tim McAboy

Head of School

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