“….right next to Dad’s.”

I’ve been teaching my son Joey to mow the lawn. One day after he finished, my wife brought his grass-stained shoes into our mudroom where his shoes go. Joey very sternly said, “Mom, my lawn-mowing shoes go in the garage, right next to dad’s.”  

These kids of ours, they are watching us. We have hopes and dreams for them. We have many ways we hope they don’t turn out like us and a few ways we hope they do. But all our best hopes won’t get them to where they need to be. The greatest factor in how they will someday live their lives is how they see us living ours now.  

Through my head often runs the line from the song that goes, “Lord, I want to be just like You, because he wants to be just like me.” We try, and often we fail, but we never stop striving to be the parents God has called us to be.  

I thank God for the opportunity to be on this journey with all of you.  


Tim McAboy

Head of School

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