“You are helping to train up kind, compassionate, loving, Christ-like children.”

To the faculty and staff at ZCS,

I just returned from a trip to Honduras with current and former students of ZCS.  This trip was through Ridge Point Church and included the Slagh family, Vanderhyde family, another couple, my husband, and myself.

I want you to know how impressed I was with your students and former students.  I was amazed at the Spanish skills of all the students.  We didn’t expect the kids to be interpreters, but they willingly stepped up when we needed them.  All of the kids helped us with conversations with our friends in the village, even when it wasn’t their responsibility.  Watching them easily converse with the children and adults touched my heart.  To the Spanish Teachers at ZCS – way to go!  You are doing a tremendous job preparing these students for the real world!

Addison Slagh helped us get through stressful times at the airport.  She stepped in when we didn’t understand the language or what we were supposed to be doing.  She also helped us get through a difficult situation upon our arrival in Honduras.  Addison never needed to be in the limelight but was always there, ready to help in any way she could.  She was kind, caring, and compassionate to everyone she came in contact with.

Conrad Slagh had an idea to bring Gaga Ball to the kids in the village.  He shopped for the lumber and cut the boards.  He and Sam Vanderhyde engineered the project and helped assemble the pit.  Then, they proceeded to teach the kids how to play the game.  At any time during the week, you could find one or more of the five kids playing with the kids of the village.  It was a real blessing to me to see these kids take leadership in this project.

In addition to engineering the Gaga Pit, Sam helped with the teen and men’s ministries. There were many times I saw little kids climbing all over Sam, and he took it with a grain of salt.  Sam was also our detail guy. He had great observation skills and kept us on track.

Ellery Slagh stepped up as a leader in so many ways.  She helped with many of the ministries we conducted throughout the week.  She was able to converse with both the women and children easily.  She displayed tremendous maturity and showed compassion for the underserved.

Clara Vanderhyde shared her kind, sweet spirit with the children of the village. You could always find her surrounded by children, engaged in a game of Uno, playing with chalk or coloring with them.

The Slagh and Vanderhyde families planned a carnival for the children of the village.  It was fun to see these kids take what you do at ZCS and bring it to the children of Honduras.  It was a huge success!

These kids endured difficult travel, hot, humid weather, long days, kids that weren’t always kind, and we never heard a complaint. They were better trip participants than some adults I’ve been on trips with.  They showed the love of Jesus to every person they encountered. This says a lot about their parents, but it also says a lot about ZCS!  You are helping to train up kind, compassionate, loving, Christ-like children.  You are teaching children to Burn Bright, and I was a witness to that this past week. As a grandparent of three grandchildren at ZCS, I want to thank you and commend you for your work.

Thank you to the staff and teachers at ZCS!

Burn Bright!

Tammy DeVree

ZCS Grandparent x3

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